Video Clips from American Idol 9 Recap Auditions

As I mentioned yesterday, American Idol‘s last audition round was actually a little recap showing up some of the highlights that we hadn’t gotten to see the first time in each of the seven audition cities. Here are some highlights of the highlights.

Jessica Furney managed to charm Simon Cowell with his own song well enough to get sent through to Hollywood:

I’m still not sure how Victoria Beckham felt to discover that she is Stephanie Fisher‘s fashion icon considering Stephanie’s outfit was as bad as her singing.

I loved Didi Benami’s rendition of “Hey Jude” so much that I had to revisit it. I thought she did a great arrangement.

I still think we should all remember the name Aaron Kelly. Unless he screws up really badly during the Hollywood rounds I think he’s going to be a major contender. He’s young, he has a great voice, a humble background, and he’s a good looking kid. He just might have every young girl in the U.S. dialing the house phone with one hand and text voting with the other.

I can’t wait for Hollywood!

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