Guy Pearce Talks About Katie Holmes and “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark”

Guy Pearce filmed “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” with Katie Holmes in Australia last year. In an interview with the Herald Sun, they ask him about his experience working with Katie. He had such nice things to say about her.

Katie Holmes and Guy Pearce have a good laugh on the set of "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark"

You filmed Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark with Katie Holmes in Melbourne last year, and hung out with Katie and Tom Cruise. Did that reaffirm your desire to not have a Tom Cruise kind of career?

(Laughs) Well look, the press with those guys, it’s just extraordinary what they have to deal with. There I was in my home town, and I suddenly felt like a visitor in their world. When we did anything it was left up to them and their organising – as it sort of has to be. We did a couple of things together, and it was all very military in its execution, as far as getting to places and stuff.

Even going to the footy with them?

That’s right. I go to the footy the way we just go to the footy! But having said that, at the heart of it is those two. And she is just delightful, she is so funny and lovely and hilarious, and really takes the piss out of all that stuff. Tom’s great, too – I didn’t spend as much time with him obviously because he would come out for a week, go home for a week. But I really like Tom, he’s a great guy. He has a lot weighing on his shoulders, it’s an incredible corporation that he runs, but he’s really amenable and lovely.

What about your experience on-set with Katie?

She was so much fun to work with, I had such a great time with her. You forget the silliness while you’re actually working together. Then all of a sudden the paparazzi will turn up at one of the locations, and you go, “Oh, that’s right”. There were like 500 people lined up on this country road in Macedon where nobody ever usually is. We had this funny incident, Katie and I were filming in this car – they were setting up, we weren’t even on set. When they called us on set, I said “What took so long?” and they said, “Oh there was some electrical fault with one of the cars, something burnt out”.

It was nothing, a tiny little thing the size of a match. Well, the press got on to that, and before we knew it, Katie was getting emails from people in the States saying, “Oh my god are you all right? I hear you were in a fire in this car on set”. Katie was laughing, “What’s this about?” It was ridiculous. So yeah, I don’t really want that life. A bit of notoriety’s good because it helps you keep getting work. But when it’s too far, it’s mad.

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    • Priscila

      I remember that news invented by the press. I got a million times on various websites just to learn more about what had happened. I was very happy when I discovered it was a lie

    • kate

      “she is so funny and lovely and hilarious,”
      I like how he said funny and hilarious. Other people she has worked with say the same thing.