Bravo Teams Up With Foursquare

Proving they’re savvier than most, Bravo announced a partnership with location-based software Foursquare on Monday. If you don’t know Foursquare, you probably don’t live in San Francisco or New York City and your friends aren’t huge social media addicts. Essentially, it’s a way to “check in” to places you go either by text or by iPhone or Blackberry application. The point is people you know will see you there and maybe come join you. In practice, it can turn into an e-stalking fest or you just end up checking in at the same place as all of your friends. The fun part are the badges you acquire as you continue checking in (they’re pictured at right here). This is where Bravo’s partnership will come into play: there will be new Bravo-only badges that you can win if you check into a location that’s been on a Bravo show. The New York Times Bits blog reports that users will also win prizes if they check into over 500 Bravo locations (they’ll also be given free bankruptcy consultation).

If you’re using Foursquare already, have you gotten any of the Bravo badges? If you need tips on where to go to start acquiring badges, there is a list of places you can check into on Foursquare’s site. Some recommendations: Patti Stanger recommends Dave & Busters as a way to meet dudes (sorry Patti, I’ll be a single lady forever if that’s where you want me to go!), Gail Simmons continues to win my heart by recommending Bouchon in New York City, Countess Luann recommends Cipriani for the “ladies who lunch” and Jill Zarin recommends all the fabulous shopping in New York City.

Heads up to Foursquare, if you ever want to create a “BravoFan” badge, it can be the person checking into over 3 karaoke bars in one week! Call me!

Image: Maria Diaz

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