Shauna Freaks Out On “Millionaire Matchmaker”

On last night’s Millionaire Matchmaker, Shauna, a millionaress actually turned around and ran away from her dashing date, Mark. Whether or not the show is scripted is anyone’s guess, but her irrational screaming while running through the hotel about how she stayed there all the time and was throwing away a Louis Vuitton (she left her shoe while running away) seemed pretty real to me. Shauna didn’t like Mark because he was too old for her. She goes back to Patti for one more try, but balks when Patti suggests going out with someone without seeing a photo first. Patti kicks her out and Shauna leaves and even tries to cover the camera with her phone!

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    • Aaron

      Marc is way cool… That crazy bitch gets what she deserves.. She will be crazy and alone for the rest of her sad life..

    • Kurt s.

      Is Mark really that much older than Shauna? He’s a hell of a lot better looking than she is! She is average-looking at best. What a c–t!!!

    • Dee

      OMG Shauna is so immature and stupid for her age. She needs psychological help! Any wise and smart woman would give Mark a chance. BUT Shauna is totally immature and stupid. And the nerve of that girl (sorry she’s a girl to me, not a woman) to act like she’s 20 something. HELLOOOO you’re 42!

    • Claire

      Igorant person not to give Marc a chance, he was beautiful in very way, her loss, he had a luck a escape : )

    • Maria Diaz

      Becky, you are correct. Before the season started, the producers flood casting websites with notices to go audition. On the first season, there was one woman who turned out to be a professional escort and another who was a Playboy model, none of which was mentioned on the show.