Jacqueline Laurita’s Daughter Found Guilty of Weave Pulling

FP_IMAGE_3254090/FP_SET_3253649_daniellestaubThis one almost fell under the radar, but Real Housewives of New Jersey Jacqueline Laurita‘s daughter Ashley Holmes (she of the poor grades and secret SUV) was found guilty of assault against her mother’s cast-mate Danielle Staub. The fight, which US Magazine reports was caught on tape, took place at an event all the women attended in November. Teresa Giudice was also involved in the altercation, but Danielle dropped the charges against her, as well as charges filed against Jacqueline.

Danielle, who’s been busy finishing up her book The Naked Truth, also gave an interview to People about her new life-philosophy. No longer is she having phone sex with strange men on the Internet and taking 20 year olds to Teresa’s shore house for some beach-side fun. Danielle is now abstinent:

“I’m abstinent now…I realized that with abstinence, if you really, really believe in yourself like I do, you discover your own self-worth. Abstinence means you refrain from any sex — thinking about it, doing it — even to yourself! I’m a born-again virgin. I am saving myself for marriage. I didn’t do it the first two times but I learned from my mistakes. So now, it’s okay to wait.”

I guess that’s why her and Jon Gosselin didn’t work out!

Image: Fame Pictures

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    • iheartbravo

      Ashley was probably just trying to be a friend by pulling out the nasty looking extensions. A real friend wouldn’t let someone walk around with a horse tail hanging off the back of your head….
      Is there also another Bravo Commandment _ thou shall not sue castmates, Kim dropped NeNe, Danielle dropped Jacqueline and and Teresa.

      I wish Bravo would spend less time editing these shows and start showing them sooner after taping while the emotions still run hot at the Reunion.

    • txchick

      HAHAHA! Daniel becoming a born again virgin is the funniest thing ever! That’s along the lines of Tamra saying she loves Gretchen, Lynn saying she’s not on drugs, and Vicki saying she’s quiting her job.