Am I the only one who thinks it would be awesome if Bridgette were a lesbian?

Bridgette had quite an interesting storyline on last week’s episode of Medium, but I did find myself wishing that it was a little different. I already mentioned in my review that I thought it would be cool if Marie was demonstrating her psychic tendencies by writing the “I love Finn” stuff as Bridgette, having tapped into her real feelings for the boy. Failing that, why not make Bridgette a lesbian?

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I know I’m being a little flip, but I’m actually serious. Maria Lark is a fantastic actress, and she could do an incredible job with such heavy subject matter. When Bridgette was crying to Ariel about how happy she was when she thought she liked Finn because it made her feel normal “for once,” my heart broke for her. Lark is great at portraying a quirky little girl, and I’d love to see her take the emotion she displayed in this episode a little further; to really discover why she feels so alienated and why she wasn’t sure she had feelings for Finn.

One of the things that Ugly Betty (RIP) has done exceedingly well, is write for the character of Betty’s nephew, Justin. The subject of Justin’s sexuality as a middle-schooler was something that was touched on, but not directly addressed until this season, when he entered high school. Mark Indelicato does an amazing job portraying a boy, who, even though he is in a perfectly loving and understanding family who would embrace him no matter what his sexual orientation, still denies that he’s gay to everyone– including himself.

Ugly Betty, while serious at times, is a campy comedy show. Medium, on the other hand, is more of a traditional family drama. I would love to see how they would deal with Bridgette questioning her sexuality at a time when she’s first discovering it for herself. I’d also love to see a portrayal of a young lesbian on television, as many people, including the media, seem to believe that lesbianism is either a product of college experimentation, or a result of middle-aged women giving up on men.

Medium has an opportunity here that few other shows on television do: It’s a long-running show, somewhat in danger of cancellation, and in desperate need of buzz, and it has a child actor who is capable of handling a wide range of subject matter. Medium could get people talking about it again, by portraying this issue not in a salacious way, but in a thoughtful, caring way that nobody else on television is really doing right now. While I don’t think they’re going to take this opportunity, I’d love it if they would.

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    • Kelly

      Me too, after reading the other reviews I think she is too young to be a lesbian and that isn’t nice to do to Maria Lark either. She is a young girl and people suggesting she has lesbian type tendencies could be hurtful. No offense to any lesbians out there .I just think she is too young for these type of feelings. I agree with nansee I watch for the paranormal crime part of the show and don’t want the girls to take too much time away from that either.

    • carlito

      I´m not quite sure what to think. On the one hand I think it would be a good thing. And not something that you couldn´t have guessed before watching her character. On the other hand I also think it´s too early. She´s still a kid. Maybe in Season 9 or 10 :-)

    • Ingunn

      Omg I have had the same tougth manny times! Don’t take this wrong but she could played the rolle good :P

    • Amber

      LOL oddly enough I have been saying this for years and to be honest I was disappointed when Bridgette was showing sines of having a crush on a boy.

    • Alexandra

      Now when we/you are talking about Bridgette i would love an episode when Bridgette are getting kidnapped, maybe that episode would be i 2 part, i don´t know. Allison will be like more desperate to find her own daughter. Please, please, that episode would have like one billlon viewers!!

      my english sucks, i know!!

      Greetings from sweden!! And i cross my fingers for an episode like that:)

    • Alexandra

      AND nononononnonono BRIDGETTE ,ARE shall be straigt !! and she are to young to realise that she a lesbian, No ,BAD IDEA!!!!