Jay Photoglou Sues Gretchen Rossi For Libel

gretchenrossi_headshotUsually, when a big story hits, I post on it right away (if I can) because I want to talk about it. On this one, I admittedly dragged. And the reason why is I am tired of this foolishness between Jay and Gretchen. In case you haven’t heard, Jay is suing Gretchen for libel. claiming she’s talked so much trash that it’s had an impact on his life. The only reason I can think Jay is doing this now is because the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion is taping this weekend, and it would seem timely and relevant for Andy to bring it up.

The whole thing seems destined to be thrown out: the fight between Gretchen and Tamra on last season’s reunion took up very little time. It was memorable, but when you ask most people what they know of that season, they will think of “Naked Wasted” or Vicki braying on about her love tank, not Jay.

That being said, the court documents don’t provide any new information for those of us who’ve been following this shit show since it started, except for revealing that fact that Gretchen and Jay attended “marriage workshop” courses at Saddleback Church in 2008, and that a ton of Jay’s stuff including 3 “Hugo Boos” suits is still at Gretchen’s house. The documents allege that Jay is now subject to “unfathomable amounts of public scorn.”

What do you think of this lawsuit? I’m dying to know!

Edit: A commenter brought up that Jay is not only suing Gretchen, but 50 unnamed co-defendants! The folks at Death by 1,000 Papercuts have more detailed analysis, but there’s pretty much nothing you can say that makes you sound like more of an unhinged crazy person than saying the word “conspiracy.”

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    • iheartbravo

      Somwhere it also was said that Gretchen and Slade violated their own temporary restraining order by going somewhere that Jay was all ready at. Jay was there first, police were called and they said he didn’t have to leave… so they did what anyone who was afraid of someone would do, they stayed. It would be tough to prove a restraining order was necessary

      Media circus…ha ha. between us crazy addicts, the OC register and radar online, who else cares

    • kel

      Here’s a copy of the investigation report about that incident

    • http://bravofan.com Maria Diaz

      Tamra needs a publicist, STAT. She really needs to stay away from this drama.

    • http://bravofan.com Maria Diaz

      Thanks for the link, Heidi. I took a look at it and pretty much agree with what those bloggers have to say. While I do believe Gretchen was with Jay, I think the way he has handled himself after the fact is insane. I also think her vilifying him in the press was also just as bad, but probably just a result of her inexperience with the media. A better approach would have been for her to have either not commented, or just said that he’s an ex that went bad. Obviously her comments have just fueled the fire, but I think both sides need to take some responsibility for all this nonsense.

    • http://bravofan.com Maria Diaz

      I was reading an article today.. can’t remember where, but there was a comment about how the RHOC reunion broke a lot of the “unspoken rules” of the housewives. Like, you don’t mention things that are happening off-camera and blow up your co-star’s spot. For example, the Countess was in the process of separating from her husband while filming RHONY season 2, but no one mentioned it until it made the tabloids. It looks like the housewives all knew about Jay’s existence.. there were message board rumors about him since way before the premier of season 4, of him and G. being spotted at events and whatnot.

    • http://bravofan.com Maria Diaz

      Cindy, Bravo applied for a media pass to film the proceedings but it was denied by the court. Gretchen has said she didn’t want to go to court and dropped it because it would be a “media circus” but she had to have known the producers wanted to film it, which she always could have refused (since it’s not part of her “story”).