Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at Directors Guild Awards!

I don’t have any photos available yet and it’s past midnight in my neck of the woods so I’m off to bed now, BUT there is a definite sighting of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at the Directors Guild Awards tonight! Apparently Brad was to be one of the presenters. E! Online has a brief write-up saying Brad and Angie look perfectly happy.

I’ll get some photos up myself tomorrow as they become available, but what a great thing to see right before heading off to bed!


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    • Kristen

      I can’t wait to hopefully see full pictures of her dress – it’s stunning and a perfect choice for her. Her hair looked gorgeous, too! I love that style on her. Brad looks great, I think the trimmed goatee looks very dashing on him. I hope we get some pictures of them together, or even some video (!!!), but regardless, I am glad they had a great night out and it sounds like they had a lot of fun.

    • Kristen

      Also, THANK YOU to Faye88, kimmy and June for the image links!

    • neer

      Was that Brad behind AJ’s back, the one on her right (shown in part)?

    • Jamie

      Agela, come on. They don’t need to be photographed together to prove they are a couple. This is getting so ridiculous. We will see them together sooner or later, and when we do there will still be people who refuse to believe. So don’t believe it. Move on. :roll:

    • Kati

      Jamie – you´re aoooo right. They don´t need to be photographed together to prove the whole world that they still are – and will be – a couple. This award gala isn´t so big an event as Oscars or GGs that it has paps swarming around the celebs all the time. We´ll be seeing a lot of them together soon. I´m certain of it. The main thing is that they really enjoyed their date night a lot and had a wonderful time together! God bless the Jolie-Pitts!

    • Laura C

      I think they looked great in the photos that I saw. I love how the tabs said that “they avoided getting photographed together”. Kind of hard since they were sitting together all night. Anyway, hate to say it but thanks Brad for trimming the beard. Looks good.
      Best to them and their family.

    • Marie

      I found this comment on one of the websites i rarely go to….not that i ever read comments on other websites…..ok, i do…and i regret it every time..i’m looking for a 12 step program for it….but i found this comment rather well put…
      I believe the world, collectively, needs to find a heart! The woman lost her mother three years ago this month, to cancer. She adored her mother, her grief is apparent in the video she released. Whether you like her, Brad, or whatever… shut the h$ll up and allow the woman to grieve. I lost my father three years ago, and on the anniversary of his passing, I am sad, solemn, depressed, introspective, and I would not deal with someone sticking a camera in my face asking me ignorant and personal questions. Brad drew the attention away from her, and good for him. THAT is how relationships work. He had her back during a weak moment.