Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at Directors Guild Awards – photos!

Last night, Saturday January 30th, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie attended the prestigious Directors Guild Awards. Brad was presenting Quentin Tarantino and naturally Angelina was there with Brad.

Angelina wore a strapless green gown and Brad wore his usual Tom Ford suit. Below we see Angelina signing something for someone in a notebook.

I’m hoping to find some video footage of Brad doing the presentation for Quentin.

E Online said that Angelina was chuckling throughout Brad’s speech – no wonder, it looks like he got pretty animated and hilarious!

I have to say that Brad looks GREAT! I definitely prefer when he keeps the facial hair under control. Between his hair growing out a bit longer and his trimmed beard (not to mention the usual Tom Ford suit) Brad was super hot up there!

Looking at this picture of Angelina congratulating Quentin, I had to stop for a second because it suddenly occurred to me how amazing it would be for Quentin Tarantino to direct Angelina Jolie in a new movie one day. That would be incredible!

Meanwhile, People wrote up about the evening out and it sounds like it was a wonderful and affectionate date night for Brad and Angelina.

Although I was rooting for Quentin to win, the award went to Kathryn Bigelow who directed The Hurt Locker. I saw that movie as well and I generally don’t enjoy war movies that much but I loved that one so it’s well-deserved – and it’s also the first time a woman has won, so I applaud her for doing such a great job!

I’ll keep an eye out for more photos of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at the DGAs but it’s a bit harder. It’s less of a paparazzi event than the other awards shows. Not as many agencies are invited and Getty is not a pap-based agency so we may not have as many photos as we’d like. Since the show’s not even televised I’m not even sure there’s really any kind of red carpet walk like other shows. I’ll let you know what I find though!

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    • sunny

      credit to Duclea13 (jjb yukucom)
      Jon Voight speaking to Access Hollywood about Angie and the children
      I think Voight was trying to say : The rumor was originally from UK’s vulgar tabloid (but unbeliebably people believed their story).

      The lack of deep thinking is more concern than rumor itself. These days people can be easily manipulated by plotters who effectively use cyberspace.

    • van

      I’m love family of brad pitt and angelina jolie very much.

    • http://pittwatch pills

      i just love this site and everyone in it the good comments about these two and their family is such a breath of fresh air,you cannot imagine how excited to know the rumours of the break-up rare false. i am inlove with this family.

    • kimmy

      geez, i can’t stop smiling and giggling whenever i saw Brad’s speech at bbc.. i especially love the “two thumbs-up” part! haha! i wish we could have a full length video of Brad’s speech.. :) and more pics of Angie.. I really wanted to see the full body view of the gown she’s wearing.. i love her smile, she is so beautiful!

    • Kati

      That video of Brad introducing Quentin is just hilarious! I just couldn´t stop laughing while watching it. It seems that Angie was rally having a good time and that´s wonderful to see that those two were enjoying themselves. And joliepittfanatic – thanks for that link to that article which said that Brad and Angie actually arrived TOGETHER. I, for one, didn´t have any doubts about that. But the rags are gonna have a field day since there aren´t any pics of their arrival. According to some story they had diclined to be pictured on the RC and that is their right. Just the fact that they sat together at the table and were seen cuddling and laughing together is proof enough for me that they´re very much together and in love. So once again those rags were WRONG! They can´t separate Brad and Angie no matter how hard they try. God bless the Jolie-Pitts forever!

    • Dana

      New video from enews:

      Screencaps are available on my JP site [click on my name] :)

      I love Angie’s dress – this color suits her, she looks fantastic as always. Brad was so funny doing his speech :) Sherry – thank you for the pictures!

    • Sandip Bhowal

      Thanks Sherry for the pics! It was so wonderful to see them together. Both are looking superb.

    • atimo
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    • shay te

      Dana, i love your work! :) Thanks for the feel-good.

    • lac

      I checked Getty and Film Magic and there are not many pictures of people inside the ceremony. Most seem to be on the red carpet and from on the stage. Don’t know much about the DGA but maybe they like to emphasize the actual awards and not who was there.

    • Angelique

      These two are so beautiful together and Angie literally takes my breath away whenever I see new pictures of her. While the news of a possible break-up itself was unsettling, What really rattled me was how quickly some of these “reputable” news sources were to jump on the rumor-mill bandwagon. As someone with a communications/journalistic background, I found it so reprehensible and filthy. I’m so grateful for sites such as this that are much more interested in reporting the truth.

    • tess

      Arrived Seperatly? There are tons of vids of them arriving together..same limo! I’m happy for them and know you are too…thats great!

    • paris

      Bonjour Brangelina,

      S’il vous plait, say it aint’t so! Order please, order! No more I say! I just would like for Brad and Angelina to take a big breath and let it out, and relax. And think back to their grand love at the beginning of the relationship,,so exciting and new. Think about their love for their children. Think about their passions for giving and having big hearts in helping others. And focus on only the positive aspects of their lives together, and the love for their big beautiful family. Forget about the in-laws, the press, the hollywood circus mania and Jennifer. Yes, spend lots and lots of time together, yes talk things out,,,calmly,,respectfully. You too just need to take the proper time for peace and harmony. Hey, re-kindle back the romance in you,,, go back to Amalfi, Italy and just concentrate on one another. And take your time, no rush! Then come back and be a better person, a better supportive partner to one another and be better parents together to those 6 great heatlthy kids that need you both so,,and not one parent alone,,,the both of you,,you two are their #1 role model,,so show them the right way,,,ok! And lastly give thanks to what’s around you,,life is just too short!!

    • Sherry

      Paris, it’s all a lovely sentiment but I’m pretty sure it’s not even needed. Brad & Angelina seem to be doing just fine and aren’t paying any attention to the tabloid rumors.