Open Mic/Discussion Thread for Medium 6×13 – Psych

This is the Open Mic that nearly didn’t happen. I had to fly down to Florida on short notice today, and I wasn’t sure if I’d be in a place where I’d be able to do this. Luckily, everything worked out, and despite my lack of site updates today, I will be here tonight at 9 PM EST for the Medium Open Mic. Could tonight be the night that Allison’s dreams are completely wrong? Probably not, but I’m sure it will be good anyway!

Please join us at 9 PM EST, but if you can’t, feel free to use the comments section of this post as a discussion thread for the episode. I want to know what you think!

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    • Dawn

      Kona, don’t you mean 9 pm EST? I don’t think that they’ve changed the time again, have they? I can’t wait for this ep.

    • Dawn

      Ooh, what an awesome episode! I totally didn’t see that ending coming! But I LOVE the way Allison nailed her! That was so cool. Just when it looked like Allison might really be wrong, she figures out the truth. That was wicked! Bridgette was so cute crushing on Finn. Bout time she starts growing up. I think they should have gotten the kid from “Modern Family” to play her boyfriend. He is so much like her that they would make a perfect pair. Next week’s looks really good too. Can’t wait. The writers are really doing a good job this season, as is everyone else, of course. Patricia Arquette did an excellent job in this ep, and I loved Joe fussing over Bridgette’s boyfriend and her wearing makeup. Loved his comment about being a “reformed boy”, lol!
      And Allison says there’s nothing “reformed” about him, lol!!

      LOVE those two!

    • Gina

      Good episode! I like that it was a different twist. Started out as a missing person type deal and ended up a double murder investigation. Too bad that poor girl had to die just as she was starting to get better. I was trying to figure out most of the episode who was really responsible the brother or Summer? But they were in on it together. 13 is kind of young to be thinking about inheritance money though isn’t it? Good episode and next week looks good too! Hope Medium keeps pumping out good ones the rest of the season so we could get a season 7.

    • Gina

      Jose – the same thing happened to me. I don’t watch Ghost Whisperer so I turned it on right before Medium and saw the promo for next week and they were talking about Numbers coming on next and running the credits for Medium, so I was upset too I thought they moved it to eight tonight. So when I watched the beginning I wasn’t quite sure if it was Medium or numbers. Guess it was a national mistake.

    • Linda

      “I know she can’t spend her whole life as a conscientious objector in the war between the sexes…. That and the line about not having slaughtered anyone lately cracked me up.

      Great episode, loved all the twists and the Dubois daughters interacting together. The actress playing Summer was great, talented family there. Her sister was in the first episode with Dr.Walker, an equally creepy episode, full of gore and blood too!

      The actor playing the shrink always seemed to be doctors in anything I’ve ever seen him in, he was in ER for a few episodes way back!

      Marie has great handwriting for her age, I’m left-handed and had problems with handwriting class at that age. I was second to last in receiving a pen to write with, now I would handwrite over typing any day if it was allowed!

    • Linda

      Actually, Marie was pretty awesome at cutting paper dolls from the newspaper last season, she’s just obviously very talented in an artistic sense!

    • nansee

      It was a pretty good episode, blood and gore wise. I could tell the girl was really the killer–she seemed pretty cold and calculating in her response to Allison re: her brother. She also overly perky in the first scene.

      I didn’t get the Bridg/Marie sideplot at all. Maybe I missed something. Marie was in love with Finn? How did she meet him and, yes, why is her handwriting so lovely? Also, where was she–did they cut a scene with her in it? It made no sense to me whatsoever. First it’s a Bridg coming of age type thing, then out of nowhere it’s Marie’s writing, then it is again since she draws him. Are we supposed to be relieved that Bridg likes boys and isn’t a sixth-grade lesbian?

      I liked Joe’s line about wasn’t she just born?, too. His delivery is good.

    • Linda

      Marie, Bridgette and Finn used to spend their lunchtimes on the playground together. Finn said he would see them both at lunch. It doesn’t surprise me that Marie hangs with her big sister at lunch. And as for Marie crushing over an older boy, I wasn’t much older when I put my first bedroom poster up of a guy pop star up.

      I like Bridgette’s spotty duvet! I hope they don’t have Bridgette change too much, I love her quirkiness.

    • Lina

      it was a great episode! I loved how Allison nailed it at the end. And The sister to sister moments between Ariel and Bridgette! So cute! And I hope we’ll get to see more episodes like this in the future! An I also Hope that Sofia gets more “space” and mayby help out in a case or two, cus I love it when she dream ans handle things on her own, but I also Love when she ask Allison for help. So give Ariel more time on screen then I will Love this show even more than I already do!

    • Karen

      Pretty good episode liked the main story with the psyc patients. Agree with Nancee about the Bridgette/Marie thing didn’t make sense that Bridgette didn’t know she didn’t draw the “Finn and Me” in her notebook. That would be scary if she really had memory losses like that. That she wrote and drew things and couldn’t remember doing it, so yeah it would have been better if they left Marie out of it and Bridgette just had a crush on Finn. Overall I thought it was a good episode.

    • nansee

      Linda, ty for the reminder about them hanging out togehter. This is a VERY thin plotline for no apparent reason. Work it in better, people.

    • Kona Gallagher

      D’oh! I traveled to the past, back to when it was on at 10:00. It’s fixed! Thanks for catching my brain melt!