New photos of a smiling Zahara Jolie-Pitt

jolie-pitt-photo-linkOver at X17Online today there are a few new photos of Zahara Jolie-Pitt which were apparently snapped as she was on her way home from school. Rather than getting right up in her face in an invasive manner, these were taken from a bit of a distance – you can tell because Zahara is smiling instead of being bothered by the paparazzi. I’m glad to know that.

What I love about these new photos though is that it shows to me that Zahara was on her way to a happy home. Go check out the photos* and tell me if that looks like a little girl with a family that’s coming apart. In my opinion, no it does not.

I love seeing Zahara Jolie-Pitt smiling!

* Usual words of warning – This is X17Online so the article is snarky in tone. And if you care about your blood pressure don’t read the comments because as always, they are nasty.

(Thanks for the heads’ up Kati!)

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    • Jamie

      Liz, I think plenty of people would agree with your post. I just personally get tired of replying to “they should be doing this…” posts. What they should do is whatever they feel works for them as a couple, and as a family. You are right in thinking that marriage will not stop the rags from making up rumors.. they are far to big and make them way too much money to do so.

      btw, my comments end up in moderation on occasion to. Happens to all of us.

    • Cheyenne

      To meg: It is naive of you to think that appearing together in public is going to quash the break-up rumors. The haters are going to hate on this couple no matter what they do. If they don’t appear in public they are breaking up. If they appear together in public it’s only for show and they are breaking up. Do you get the picture now?

      The tabloids are desperate for revenue; they have been losing millions of dollars. Their readers are probably 95% Aniston fans (I can’t imagine any fan of Brad and Angie paying to read the garbage they print about this family) and the tabloids print what they know their readers want to read. Do you really believe the tabloid editors think Brad and Aniston have been meeting in secret and are going to get back together? They know it’s BS. They couldn’t care less about lying to their readers, as long as their readers keep believing the lies and buy their magazines. It’s all about the bottom line.

      Consider this: two of the worst tabloids, In Touch and Life and Style, are both owned by the same company, Bauer-Griffin. This past week, while In Touch said Brad and Angie met the lawyers to talk about a break-up, Life and Style said they met the lawyers to talk about a pre-nup and separation was never mentioned. Aside from the fact that nobody knows what they talked to the lawyers about (Brad and Angie never talk to tabloids and the lawyers are bound by attorney-client confidentiality), why would two tabloids owned by the same company print diametrically opposing stories? The only reason I can figure is they are covering themselves all ways so that whatever happens, they can say “You read it here first!”

    • LouAnn

      I love those pictures of Zahara. She’s a beautiful little girl and obviously very happy. However, despite what Sherry said, I did read some of the comments. Only a few because they made me sick. I use to get a kick out of the stupid comments but now they are getting to be really vile. I’ll follow Sherry’s advice from now on.

      Cheyenne, isn’t News of the World also a Bauer publication? I seem to remember reading that. At any rate, I agree totally with what you said about Bauer and about Halperin.

    • Mary Ann

      What a beautiful picture of Zee. I would think the family will be leaving for France soon.

    • joliepittfanatic

      I will ask once again: Have any reptuable sources actually said that Angie and Brad have seen a lawyer at all? Because some people on here are saying they saw a lawyer like it’s fact. Could someone please clear this up for me?

    • joliepittfanatic

      Mary Ann- I don’t know if they can do that right now. Doesn’t Angie have to start filming The Tourist in Italy soon?

    • Cheyenne

      To Louann: NOTW is a subsidiary of the Rupert Murdoch news corp. which is a collection of bottom-feeder tabloids and magazines.

      To J-Pfanatic: A reputable source may have seen Brad and Angie going into a lawyer’s office together, but no source, reputable or otherwise, knows what they talked about. Brad and Angie never talk to tabloids; the lawyers are bound by attorney-client confidentiality rules not to reveal any information without their clients’ consent or face disbarment proceedings; and any associate or employee in the law office who talked to the news media would be fired on the spot.

      You can take one thing to the bank: they didn’t talk about legal matters over a six-hour dinner in a public restaurant.

      Lyin’ Ian’s book has slipped another 5,000 places on Amazon and is right now at #13,000-something. He must have having fits. When his book started getting lousy reviews on Amazon he threw a tantrum on his website and threatened to call his lawyers and sue everybody who wrote a “fake negative review”. He’s so full of himself he can’t accept the bad reviews are genuine. Look for more leaked rumors while his book keeps slipping in the rankings.

    • kimmy

      oh my! i accidentally scroll down on X-17 and landed on those nasty comments! i just hate it! i couldn’t believe they would actually call Princess Zee as ugly compare to Shi whose white and beautiful! how horrible can this people be?! they are so racist and their comments are discriminating! i wanna cry now.. :(

      anyways.. the photo’s shows a different thing, Princess Zee is a beautiful child whose enjoying her snack after school! I love Cheetos too! haha! her smile is so pure and warm.. like a sunny smile! :D thanks for being here Sherry with Pittwatch, your site is my fave site.. thank you!

    • kimmy

      sorry for posting this, but since my first comment is still on moderation i searched for news about the JP’s and found this one really really really really REALLY FUNNY! :D it’s about Angie having an affair with Lady Gaga! goodness! how they made stories! this is so funny! i was crying a while ago this really made me laugh! LOL!

    • neela

      jpfanatic, as far as i know, the news about angie and brad going to a lawyer came from life & style, and then, it was disseminated via justjared, perezhilton, etc. i don’t really take it seriously considering it came from life & style. if there is an iota of truth to that life & style story, then, at least it’s one that contradicts the rumors of “divorce.” it would be understandable if brad and angie did see lawyers to protect their children and their future. however, i am with you in not really giving the news much worth. while my trust in people magazine has dwindled a bit, i would believe it more if it came from them and not life & style.

    • Jamie

      Hell no. That rumor scares me. :lol:

    • sunny

      credit to naia at jjb
      I like Jon Voight part
      E-online’s Ken Baker and Mark Markin were at DGA awards.

      Brangelina Totally Together at DGAs!
      Today 7:58 PM PST by Ken Baker and Marc Malkin Kevin Mazur
      This is one way to shut up all those breakup rumors. At least for one news cycle. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie surfaced in public for the first time in more than a month, happily dining together at the Directors Guild of America Awards Satuday night. Pitt had been scheduled to appear to present a statuette (his Inglourious Basterds helmer Quentin Tarantino is among the contenders), but Jolie’s appearance was completely unexpected. They hadn’t been photographed together since a December outing in New York; for more than a weeks, tabloids have been doing the vulture-circling routine.
      Earlier Saturday, Jon Voight, again refuted such reports. “Anyone can say anthing these days,” he told E! News, saying that he just spent time with his daughter and his grandkids. Asked how Jolie copes with it, he added, “She doesn’t pay attention to it. She has enough to worry about—she has six kids!” Keep Reading

    • joliepittfanatic

      I just went to Eonline, as it had been reported that Brad was going to be a presenter at the DGA’s tonight, and I wanted to see if there are any pictures of him and Angie there…..and indeed, Eonline has one on it’s front page (interestingly enough, they also have a little write-up with it, including a comment from Jon Voight that he saw Angie and the kids recently. It sounds as if Angie and her dad really have patched things up!)

      The write-up also mentions that Angie and Brad were “smiling and cuddling” at their table. :)

    • joliepittfanatic

      UNDER MOD- I just saw a photo of Angie and Brad at the DGA awards! :)

    • joliepittfanatic

      Oops! The actual photo on Eonline appears to be from when they were at the UNICEF Snowflake Ball. Still, the report is that they were photographed at the DGA”S, so hopefully we’ll se pictures soon. :)

    • joliepittfanatic

      anotherbix- I’m guessing that Zahara is in preschool (what you call Kindergarten in your country). She’s five, which is the average age for a kid to start Kindergaten in the U.S. However, in most schools, you need to be five by September or October in order to be able to begin Kindergarten. Zee, as we all know, just turned five a few weeks ago. Therefore, I’m guessing she’s still in preschool. :)

    • joliepittfanatic

      Okay, I think I may have worded my last comment a bit oddly in terms of when a kid can start Kindergarten. What I meant to say is, in order for kids to attend Kindergarten, most schools require them to have turned five by either just before the start of the school year, or shortly after the school year begins (it varies from school to school.).

    • Kati

      somebody – thanks for the links to those adorable pics of Pax! I especially love that pic in which he visits his mum on the set of A Mighty Heart. If one compares that pic to the one that was recently taken when the family went to see Mary Poppins in New York it´s easy to see how much Pax has grown. By the time the pic of Pax on the set was taken he was 4 years old and now he´s already 6. How fast has the time flown. Hard to believe that this year he´ll be 7! He´s an adorable little boy who certainly is loved by both his parents and all his siblings. God bless him and the rest of the JP family 4ever!

    • Jamie

      She may be in pre k. (pre kindergarten). Preschool is “normally” for 3 and 4 year olds. However, this is typical in a public school. Private schools may be different.

    • Kati

      somebody – thanks for the link to those two absolutely cute videos of Brad and Pax in new Orleans! They´re truly wonderful videos. They show how close father and son had gotten in just under a year. Those videos were taped on december 2007 and Pax was adopted in March 2007. Can´t really hear what he´s saying to his dad but I guess that whatever it was he was already speaking good English. Children are like sponges. They adapt a new language and new cultures really quickly. And that sure applies to Pax too. Now – in 2010 – he certainly doesn´t have a Vietnamese accent anymore. I may be wrong but that´s my wild guess. God bless him and his family 4ever!