Good Times: America Ferrera’s Emmy Win

Because Ugly Betty fans are all feeling down right now (some of your comments about the show’s cancellation are heart-breaking), I thought I’d periodically post something that brings to mind the many good times associated with Ugly Betty.

This is one of my favorite moments:


It’s funny – I used to joke about America Ferrera automatically winning every award she qualified for, but the 2007 Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series was her only Emmy. 

America was so gracious (as I recall, that particular Emmy broadcast was awful – the “in the round” setting was so distracting).

Seeing the happy looks on the Ugly Betty cast and staff really brings home the fact that the show really had / has a family atmosphere, and the cast and crew truly like one another.

Which, unfortunately brings up another sad fact: the cast and crew had been entirely uprooted with the move to New York.  I would imagine that some of the cast will stay in NYC, and others will move back to LA) .  You would guess that Michael Urie would stay in NY, with all the stage opportunities.  I’m not sure about Becki Newton, though.  It will be sad to break up Marc and Mandy, if that happens.

I’ll be posting more great moments from the show (both on-screen and off) in the coming weeks.

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    • Alex

      That’s right! Listen to Freddy! We can’t give up ! PLEASE PLEASE sign the petition and beg all our friends to watch UB nest week>!!!!! They can’t just quit a series which is at it’s creative best! Is it some kind of a rule that when a show is well-written, witty ( in an intellignt way) warm and sweet and touches upon important issues it has to be cancelled? Because the brainless majority is not interested in watching?? It is really all about ratings? And now they give them so little time to wrap the series up! That totally S****! Please let’s have someone write a letter to people responsible for cancelling the show ..maybe a petition is not enough… ? Gawd I’m so angry ! LET’S DO STH !!!

    • Bill

      America has had over 87 comments on Facebook, but then off course we were all fans to join her page in the first place. I also see 3000 have singed the petition, and again not getting my hopes up-but I am in for a fight!

    • Alex

      I wonder if they at least gave the series a proper watch or just decided to end it….I seriously doubt it. You don’t cancell sth that is sooo well written unless you are moron. (sorry ABC) Not sure if it helps but I’m also writting to ABC to beg for saving UB or at least giving us back our 2 episodes. Fingers crossed !

    • Shaz10

      There is no point us campaigning for anything.The cast know they are in demand now.They have to look to the future.And apparently the two episodes were cut so it would allow the cast to be available for pilot season.
      They seem in such a rush to wrap now.I wonder if the quality will go down drastically.They were filming all over manhatten today.I wonder if that was them filming several episodes at the same time.