• Thu, Jan 28 2010

Beach House Celebrated “Teen Dream” at The Bell House

Baltimore group Beach House released their third album, Teen Dream, (first on Sub Pop) this week and celebrated with a show at The Bell House in Brooklyn.


Singer/organ player Victoria Legrand and guitarist Alex Scally were joined by a drummer, who added a lot to the show. They played mostly from the new album, which is wonderful. It includes a reworking of the 2008 song “Used to Be” that I am loving–it’s a little more rollicking and drawn out–and first single “Norway” is dreamy and beautiful and a little bit poppy. The show, as Legrand said, was “like a birthday party” and the fans there were more than happy to help celebrate. Legrand’s wild hair and throaty voice, along with furry Dr. Seuss-like trees on the stage created a quixotic and magical atmosphere that the new album demands.


Baltimore’s Jana Hunter opened the show and did a good job of forming the dreamy mood. Hunter also has a unique voice, but she is much quieter–which is saying a lot given how calm Beach House’s music is already.

Beach House is heading to Europe now, but returns to the States on March 26 for a cross-country tour behind the album and will be at Webster Hall on May 6. Tickets are on sale now.

All Images: Devorah Klein

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  • ML

    what sterling prose (and arty pictures)! With a site like this who needs the tortured prose of those drug-addled hipsters on P4K?