• Wed, Jan 27 2010

Hayden Panettiere Speaks with Us Mag About New Hair and New Man

Us Magazine caught up with Hayden Panettiere to discuss the reasoning behind her recent hair color change and her taste in older men. Basically Hayden feels that hair color defines who you are or rather how others define you. She was sick of being judged as a ‘blond’ and expected to act that way. Her decision to go red is based on her spicy personality not her innocent one.

In an earlier post I commented on whether or not Hayden’s hair was hot or not. At first I thought she looked washed out but in the photo used in Us she looks quite stunning. Check it out here.

As for her love life, Hayden has been spotted with boxing champ Wladimir Klitschko who is 33. The older man syndrome appears to be a trend for Hayden because, well she likes older men. There is definitely nothing wrong with that.


Image Credit: Fame Pictures

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  • sara

    that’s her life if she is dating older guy or not..and her new hair is cute tooo