Video of Patricia Arquette and Thomas Jane at the SAG awards

There’s been a lot of talk about Patricia Arquette and Thomas Jane at the SAG awards. Although she’s had many great looks in the past, Arquette has been slammed by fashion critics pretty routinely in the past few years. While I didn’t care much for her Golden Globes ensemble, I actually kind of liked the green shimmery frock she chose for the SAG Awards this past weekend.

Dresses have a tendency to look different on video than they do in photos, so when I saw this video of Patricia Arquette and Thomas Jane walking the red carpet, I was impressed with how much more I liked the dress. The big theme on the red carpet was color, and Arquette’s emerald dress has that in spades.

What do you think of the dress. Do you like it more or less when you see it move?

Also, thanks to reader Dawn for pointing out this great interview with Arquette and Jane on the red carpet.

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    • Dawn

      I love this dress. Whether in pictures or video, it’s just gorgeous. The color and style are fabulous, but every single comment that I’ve read about her has been negative. How can these people possibly think that that dress is not gorgeous?!! Are they all blind? Or just more fashion-challenged than Patricia, lol?! Seriously, this was one of her best looks ever, and she still gets slammed by the critics. Personally, I wish they would all fall into a hole so we wouldn’t have to endure their comments anymore. I just read that David Arquette was blasting a NY Times blogger who called his wife “fat” after the Golden Globes. It’s a shame that we have to live in a society where people are so judgmental and that we are judged on such ridiculous things as clothes or weight.

    • Linda

      I prefer this dress to the one at the Golden Globes. Although I personally don’t like shimmery things in general, I think the colour is lovely.