Paris Fan Withstands Hurricanes to Push her Products!

I came across this video that features a Paris Hilton fan talking about some of Paris’ new products on the marketing including The Celebrity Styler, The Ultimate Brush and Paris’ “Tie Dye Hoodie”.

This is Cassie’s review of the products and check out her video below which features severe showers!

The Celebrity Styler does what it says. Like any hair tool it’s takes a little bit of practice, but overall it’s fairly easy to use. You’ll like the results. It straightens, adds shine, eliminates frizz. It’s perfect for adding that extra wave along the face. We didnt spend much time with it as a curling iron but it seems it would handle the job fairly easily.

The Ultimate brush was found to be helpful while blow dryng your hair. It lifts parts of your hair easily for easier drying.

The Paris Hilton Tie Dye Hoodie… well it’s a very cute and cool looking item to wear. If you’re a big fan of Paris you can look cool, and say how much you like her at the same time! It’s kind of a hard item find. Glad we came across this one. No it’s not for sale! We’re keeping this one :)

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