America Ferrera: Old UB Relationships Will Become New

America Ferrera films a scene with co-star, Eric Mabius for Ugly Betty in NYC.Well, this is interesting.  America Ferrera is in Utah promoting her new film ‘The Dry Land’ at the Sundance Film Festival.  While there, she gave a quick interview with ABC News/Entertainment.

She was asked for what we can expect coming up for Ugly Betty, and, although she was being very guarded, she gave the strongest hints we’ve ever seen that a Betty relationship with Daniel (Detty) is going to happen.

First, she lets us know that some long-anticipated physical changes will happen to Betty.  I’d imagine it will have to do with her braces, but there’s more, apparently.  I have to wonder just how far down the beautifying road the producers will go with Betty.  Will they give her beauty queen looks, as has been done in the climax of many incarnations of the show?

She then says this:  [there will be] “New relationships…or…old relationships that become new, and kind of change a little bit”.

The interviewer asks if that means that some old characters will come back.  America replies, “No, I think it’s more that the characters that are there are going to kind of…their relationships with each other are going to…transform, or grow.

Now America never mentions romance, but you just have to see the video of the interview to see her demeanor,  She is trying so hard to give hints without actually giving things away.  It seems pretty certain to me that America is talking about a romantic relationship.

And, I guess that COULD technically mean a revival of the relationship with Matt, but Betty was already in a romantic relationship with him, so I don’t see much room for growth there.

Ready or not, it looks like the show is going to go down the Detty road, IMHO.

What is kind of sad is if they are going to do it this season, then season four almost certainly will be the last for Ugly Betty, and producers know it (along with Ferrera).  A Daniel / Betty relationship is not something the show can move on from – it’s a jump the shark moment (and I mean that in the best way).  I mean, imagine that we see Detty this May, and then miracle of miracles, Betty gets renewed for a 5th season.

Where can you take the show after that?  Cheers never really recovered from pairing Sam and Diane, for instance.  So, I’m trying to prepare myself for the bittersweet news that Betty’s stories are coming to fruition because there will be no more stories :(

But, I find this fascinating, since so many people who are part of the show swore that Betty would NEVER end up with Daniel.

(Hat tip to Shaz10)


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    • Josh

      such a shame.

      ABC made this happen, the stupid moving to Friday’s. Although, the end of season 3 wasn’t so amazing – don’t get me wrong, I love this show.

      BUT Season 4 has been so amazing and creatively its picked itself back up to the standard of season 1&2. I could watch this show forever! I’m so sad to see it go.

      Lets hope the last few episodes are good.

    • Bia

      OMG NO!!!!!!!!!! UGLY BETTY’S CANCELED?!!?!?!?!?!!!?!!??!!?

      I’M GONNA CRY =(

    • AmyLeigh
    • amy

      sign it
      every email address you know
      pleeaaseee xx

    • odette

      This is/was a great show. I love it because it has everything (drama, comedy, romance, feelings!!, etc) Every single time I watch the show it makes me disconnect and enjoy the time. Even my husband told me “that is a very good show”. It’s a shame they are cancelling it. Its one of the few shows left that is not stressful and without moral…

      I admit changing the day to Fridays was the worse thing they did, I was one of the thousand to stop watching Ugly Betty. I watched it online ( :-(

      Only if there was something we could do!!!!

      We all have somewhat an Ugly Betty inside!! Que viva Ugly Betty!!!

    • maq

      yes yes yes!.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
      we want detty!!!

    • Anne

      I want her to end up with Daniel so badly!!!! They are meant to be!!!!!!

    • puli

      oh well. season 4 has been really bad. no wonder the canceled the show. shoulda done it ages ago.

    • Jenny

      Puli, you have no idea what you are talking about. It’s nice that you like to spew garage though.

    • SirLizard

      puli (maybe it should be poo-li),

      I know that you are free to say whatever you want, but you can’t really expect to find much agreement here from anyone else, can you? Perhaps you enjoy pouring salt on other people’s wounds. I guess that’s all some people have in their lives. And how do you define “ages”? The series has only been on for three and a half years now. I’ll never understand why anyone would not only bother to read about a show that they don’t like, but would also take the time to write comments that serve no purpose but to annoy and incite… It makes me long for the mid 1990′s when most people who had internet access were more likely to be educated and well-mannered. Now any old piece of trash can say whatever they want for the whole world to read.

      OK, I’ll try to calm down now. I know that it’s pointless to get upset about the things that other people say on the web. Pointless.

    • detty girl

      daniel is 35 and betty is 6 it is 9 years diffrence why cant they be together

    • detty girl

      betty is 26 and daniel is 35 thats 9 years diffrence y cant they be together