Britney Spears works it out before court

Today (Friday, January 22nd) Britney Spears is due in court after last week’s misunderstanding. She’ll be continuing to seek an end to her father‘s conservatorship over her.


Court can be stressful but Britney was seen in L.A. last night getting it all out of her system in a very healthy way. She hit the gym and had a good workout, an excellent method for relieving yourself of anxiety.

After her workout, Britney’s boyfriend Jason Trawick picked her up. She was wearing a t-shirt that said “Dick” which may have meant absolutely nothing, but it’s kind of a funny shirt if you think about how tired she must be of having other people controlling every part of her life.

With all the rain hitting California right now poor Britney got a bit drenched since she didn’t seem to be carrying an umbrella with her.

Good luck in court Brit!

Click on the images below for more photos of Britney Spears after working out in the gym.

Images: Fame

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