• Fri, Jan 22 2010

Brad Pitt’s commentary at the Hope For Haiti Now telethon

While I didn’t see Brad Pitt answering phones at the Hope For Haiti Now telethon – there were so many celebrities and athletes there that you couldn’t possibly see them all – he also delivered a speech in front of the cameras which was very moving.

(That photo is not from tonight, I will see if I can find one later.)

He talked about another Haitian city, Jacmel, which is south of Port-Au-Prince, and was also hit very hard by the earthquake. Brad told the story of a musician who stood in the middle of the road, destroyed buildings around him, and he played guitar, playing for his fellow musicians who had died. He then implored viewers to donate what they could to help Haiti.

Here’s the video clip of Brad for Hope For Haiti Now:

The entire telethon was wonderful. There were some amazing, heartfelt performances of very inspirational songs (I was particularly impressed by Justin Timberlake singing “Hallelujah”) and there were so many heartbreaking yet uplifting stories told by the celebrities.

I think that all the celebs at the telethon deserve a round of applause, but I give a standing ovation to George Clooney for working so hard to get Hope For Haiti Now up and running so quickly. Nice job.

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  • debra77

    I saw that Sunday Morning had made a statement that they had split and had signed papers about the children. AS a fan I hope this is not true. This story is everywhere, and while they may not make statements about rumors. this one feels different. They need to make a statement. It is popping up everywhere. And I have to believe that they have to know about it now. It came out on Saturday. And by Monday it will have a life of it’s own. A lot of the legit sites are not running the story yet. but they are also not saying BS.. I am really upset and hope it is not true. I just want to know one way or another. I can’t believe if it was true that Brad/Angie would not have made a statement. Just really sad to me.. more for their children..

    So I guess we are all on wait and see.. I just hope it is not true. If anyone hears any news.. please post for we fans that are just waiting for a yes or no.. I pray it is no..

  • josephine

    it’s no use getting upset over something we have no control over. we are just fans and though we want them to be together, it’s not fair for them to force themselves on each other for our sake. they should stay together for the children’s sake. i’m just happy that the children will live with angelina and that brad will have a chance to help with their upbringing. there will always be a special bond with those two because of those kids. no one knows, even of they split now, they can still come back to each other someday. when both of them have grown up. i see brad like i see paul newman or robert redford, he will stick to this girl no matter what. if they split, it’s definitely not his decision. hope they both grow up and just stay together. no one knows.

  • cheryl

    Well, Im so afraid the rumors might be true this time. He does have a very sad look lately.

  • cheryl

    MSNBC had a magazine rep on the show who said they had a souce from the waldorf astoria claiming Angie had an afair wih her vocal coach from SALT

  • Kati

    Just read this article in NOTW again and found some really big loophole in this whole thing that to me at least makes this story a pure fabrication. When the story says that “There is no date when the contract would come into effect.” tells a lot. In my opinion that sentence tells that there even isn´t the kind of contract that the article suggests. And there are many other things that make me wonder about the accuracy of this story but I won´t go into them here. Everyone can make up his/her mind. Now I can´t do anything else but to laugh about this but wouldn´t it be time for the rags to leave this five-year-old story alone! I really wish that if Brad and Angie ever hear about this story they would finally sue those rags and get good money out of it. As long as People Magazine doesn´t publish anything about this subject I find this story really inaccurate and pure fiction. God bless the Jolie-Pitts forever!

  • eliza

    The Today Show ran it this morning.

  • http://www.pittwatch.com Sherry

    Goodness. The craziness that happens while I’m sleeping. If you’re worried, I’ve addressed it in a new post. Go to the main pittwatch.com site and refresh for my latest update.

  • irma

    I hope Brad & Angie will released a statement together to deny about this rumor, I hope, this time they sue & give these tabloids lesson that they will never forget. For the sake of the children, the tabloids should leave them alone.God bless them .

  • neela

    cheryl, that story stemmed from an in-touch weekly story. and you know what in-touch is, right? go to celebitchy’s site, and they even laughed at the so-called story. the source was a woman who was fired from the hotel, who possibly had an ax to grind. and please, if it were true, don’t you think the chick would have proof??? this is getting ridiculous. i know everyone’s in a panic, but seriously, we hear slanderous claims every week about the jps.

  • neela

    nickie, how do you know brad and angie stay apart for too long??? do you know them personally? they’ve mentioned in interviews that the longest the family stays apart is 3 days. they don’t let it extend further than that.

  • neela

    i know i’ve been off pittwatch and have been on lurk mode most of the time, but i’m rather annoyed at some of the comments on here because for one, people are believing the rumors spread by tabloids. 2nd, once the rumors are believed, some start throwing in speculations—SPECULATIONS and judgments about what could possibly have broken these 2 up. oy vey.

  • Caroline1965

    Sunny: You are right in that it is subjective, but I don’t think he looks good now. I think he looks haggard and “terrible”. People Magazine agrees it is a bad look. But you are right that it is subjective. Do you think he looks good?

  • YOCO

    He looks the same except for the ugly beard.OT there are happy Pitt in NOla last week at the game at yuku jjb megapost 4a page 716. Just like there were happy pics of PITT in car after dinner in NYC and after premiere party in LA when he makes AJ giggle in car. People see what they want to see and look at the pics of MAD I mentioned and compare to the invasive paparazzi pics.

  • sunny

    Caroline1965 says:
    January 24, 2010 at 3:27 pm
    Sunny: … Do you think he looks good?

    At least he now looks much better than 15 years ago.
    15 years ago he looked like a pretty but not a smart girl.

  • Kati

    irma – you are not alone with your wish that this time Brad and Angie would sue those rags and give them a lesson they´ll NEVER forget. They´d deserve it. It´ been long time coming and now it´s finally time that Brad and Angie show those rags where they belong. I really hope that they go to court this time and win the case. These reporters and the “magazines” they represent deserve a good lesson and be put out of business once and for all!

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  • lilly41

    While I didn