Ugly Betty Episode 4.12 Sneak Peek #1

How about one more sneak peek of tonight’s episode of Ugly Betty – 4.12, Blackout!

*Note – the sneak peek is pre-production, and there’s a lot of whispering in this scene, so you’ll have to turn up the volume, especially in the last 30 seconds.

This one surrounds a storyline that didn’t make it into the press release for 4.12, surprisingly.  Justin is trying to get into a prestigious acting class. 

The sneak peek begins right after Justin has completed a rehearsal reading with Betty and Hilda.  He chose a good one – he plays Stanley in A Streetcar Named Desire (Hilda plays Stella and Betty plays Blanche).  Justin has the look down with the Brando T-shirt and his hair done differently.

Justin is very stressed out about this audition, and from what I can tell, that plays a role in tonight’s episode.

After Justin leaves (worried that his choice for the audition is a little too over the top), Hilda and Betty worry about Justin.  High school has been rough, so they really hope he can get into this class. 

Hilda reveals that she and Bobby are going to wait until after the audition to tell Justin about the baby (I hope they do it this episode!)  Betty comments that the fact that Hilda and Bobby want to tell Justin together seems “promising”, and Hilda agrees.

One thing is for sure, except for Coach Diaz, Betty has always been supportive of Hilda in her love life.  If she jumps into the row with Ignacio over Bobby, I’d guess it will be on Hilda’s side.

Here’s my usual plea:  we’re running out of episodes to “save” Ugly Betty.  Please spread the word, and tell everyone you know to watch tonight!

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    • Jenny

      Thanks, can’t wait for tonight!

    • sarah

      This is one of the only tv shows that I always watch (unless you count Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Caillou – sorry when you have a toddler, they seem to control the TV). Ugly Betty and 90210 are pretty much it…

    • Jenny

      what an amazing episode blackout was!!! with marc’s situation, hilda/bobby situation, justin’s situation (both happy and sad! but i wont give it away just yet… and betty’s neighbors, so funny :D

    • Adam

      Betty and Daniel finally made peace with their enemies Marc and Willy in their own unique fashion for now anyway.

    • Jenny

      Yes, it was such an amazing episode! Seriously this episode was just perfect in my opinion, and it’s definitely going down as one of my favorites!

    • Anna

      TOM TOM TOM …ok the episode airs where i live in 8 minutes! but anyway, I found this at B&B and its important!

      “I just took a peek at the latest picture updates on ABC’s site, and based on the captions, it looks like the network has definitely decided to preempt Episode 4.13, “Chica & the Man”, due to President Obama’s State of the Union address.

      So, “Chica & the Man” will now air on February 3, 2010 in the US instead of next week on January 27.

    • Jenny

      Yeah, they put an “In 2 weeks” in the promo. So at least people know when it comes back on.