Patricia and Rosanna Arquette Stand Up to Cancer

This video, for the charity, Stand Up To Cancer, was filmed back in August. Roseanna Arquette interviews her sister, Patricia Arquette, about how cancer has affected their lives. Their mother died at 57 from the disease, so it is clear that they have both been deeply affected by it.

Arquette talks about her experience hiring nurses to care for her mother toward the end of her life, as well as the problems with our healthcare industry and the lack of workers’ rights when it comes to caring for someone who is ill. It’s a very moving video, and if you go visit the YouTube page that it’s on, you can donate to support the cause.

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    • cameron

      my mom had breast cancer and my aunt lyla did to
      I hope someday their will be a cure

    • Shimbo

      Very inspirational! You get such amazing interviews and clips! I love his site.
      My Father almost past away from cancer twice. Not once, TWICE and I wish they finally find a cure to beat this awful disease.
      Thank you for this amazing site!

    • Dawn

      I have seen so many people suffer with this terrible disease, some close to me, but many not, and it never fails to touch me. That’s why it is so important that everyone do everything that they can to fight this thing, and it’s so inspirational to see celebrities like Patricia and Rosanna Arquette open up about their own experience and loss as a result of this. Hopefully, this will increase awareness and encourage people to do more and get involved.

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