Alexis Bledel Rumored To Be In “Sleepaway Camp Reunion” and “The Letters”

20090909_njk_k03_033.jpgA commenter tipped us off to a new entry on Alexis Bledel’s IMDB page! She’s rumored to be in the sequel to horror and cult classic Sleepaway Camp. This would be a huge departure for Alexis, who up to now has only been in romantic comedies (except for her turn in Sin City). Sleepaway Camp is the franchise of director and writer Robert Hiltzik. The original was released in 1983, and is quite simply, about teens getting killed at a sleep away camp. There’s a very detailed Wikipedia page on the film if you are interested in reading more about it. To be honest, I doubt that Alexis is actually involved, but we’ll continue to keep our ears tuned for any more news on this film. It looks like it’s been in production since 2007, when a press release was posted on the Sleep Away Camp films website.

Much more likely is Alexis’s casting as “Janet Treadway” in a The Letters, a film based on a short story by Ellen Gilchrist. Right now, the only information on the movie is being listed in IMDBPro, as the film is still “in production.” So, it could be quite a while before this project ends up on the big screen.

Alexis has been very busy with her blossoming film career, having recently wrapped Robert Redford’s The Conspirator, and The Kate Logan Affair.

Image: Zuma Press

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    • tennille

      A big NO… jeeez I dont like that movie… seems to be a “B-horror & low budgeted” type of movie. Hoping hard that it would just a rumored movie of Alexis till the end. Her 3 upcoming movies seems to be decent & promising most esp. the one megged by Robert Redford but this one looks eeewww!

    • jeannaire

      This simply looks like a piece of garbage. Oh please just say no to this Alexis and I think that I would even hate you (even a bit-lol) if you’ll go on w/ this one while declining not to forego Gilmore Girls Season 8 – tsk…

    • Bryan

      I agree! Why would waste my time in that kind of movie? Why not find another one?

    • forg

      I just hope she returns to TV or at least do more guestings on TV shows, as much as I love her, she is clearly not a movie star

    • martin

      The “rumored” tag on IMDb is gone and has been replaced with an actual name for her character (Lauren Scott). So, is she really going through with this? There’s not much else to be found online though. If anyone has heard a peep, please let us know.
      Because that’d be SOME unexpected career twist for her.

    • leimore

      Well remember that IMDB also reported that Alexis was supposed to have a guest spot on “Lost as Janna Austen” but turned out to be a complete “bogus”… and hopefully (& its a must) that this camp movie would out the same way (bogus too) but Alexis being on Lost would be cool & awesome – shucks that it wasnt materialized…