Angelina Jolie’s girls’ day shopping

jolie-pitt-photo-linkSome of the Jolie-Pitt family were out enjoying the weekend downtime! Angelina Jolie went shopping with Zahara and Shiloh today, January 16th. The trio were rounding up some food at the Whole Foods store in Sherman Oaks, California.

It looks like Zahara is taking fashion cues from Mom; she was wearing some black patent leather boots with low, chunky heels and what looks like buckles across the top. Meanwhile, Shiloh is obviously still looking to Brad for her style hints because she wore a hat on and a loose tie. Both of them are adorable!

Angelina was her usual effortlessly chic self wearing black pants, knee-high black boots, and a fringed gray shawl.

Check out the photos of Angelina shopping with Zahara and Shiloh over here. (Just beware the comments sections. Seriously.)

While the girls were re-stocking the pantry, Brad Pitt and Maddox were sitting on the bench, getting ready to watch the New Orleans Saints vs. the Arizona Cardinals. I love that Maddox was watching the game with a football in his hands!

Brad is still sporting his knit cap while his son is wearing a little fedora like Brad used to wear. You can see the photos of Brad and Maddox at the game by heading over here and scrolling through.

Seems like it’s already been a pretty busy weekend for the Jolie-Pitt family!

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    • Faye88

      Z & Shi always put a smile on my face. They are too cute for words. It’s just adorable how Z sometimes copies Angie in dress. It reminds me of the photo Brad took for W magazine where Z is walking in Angie’s high heels and wearing one of her hats. So, so cute. And Shi cracks me up. She does look like she’s using Brad as inspiration for her dress style, but she’s also displaying a lot of creativity with color and accessories.

      joliepittfanatic & stratoula – I was thinking the same thing about Shi getting something in her eye. We’re only looking at photos, but it reminds me of how I look when something suddenly flies in my eye.

      Thanks Sherry for the thread.

    • eliza

      I went back and looked. I think maybe you guys are right about the eye. I hope so. I’ve got twins exactly Shiloh’s age so little crying ones at that age just gut me. :( I was thinking the paps scared her but that wouldn’t make sense. She’s used to them. Angie looks to die for. Sheesh. Stunning.

    • anotherbix

      Sweet pictures – thanks Sherry. And thanks for the link to the Apple store pictures, Kimmy.

    • kim

      As I was looking at the pics Shiloh and see reminds me of Drew Barrymore in ET.

    • ingrid

      thanks for all the latest news about my favorite family “JOLLIE-PITT”

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    • you know who

      Hey, it would be great if Brad and Spike Lee worked on a movie project together. I imagine it could be quite interesting.

    • Kati

      you know who – I totally agree with you. It would be really interesting if Brad and Spike Lee would work together in a movie project. Maybe it could be a documentary film of New Orleans and its rebuilding. Or maybe they could do some other kind of movie together. I don´t remember seeing any of Spike´s movies so I don´t know what their genre is. But a documentary film of New Orleans would give Brad a good chance to tell about MIR project and how far it is now. I personally would love to see these two talking about this subjerct. Some may think that it would be a boring idea for a movie but I beg to differ. I really wish that these two will work together one day.

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