Is there a Lindsay Lohan sex tape?

64113EP_LOHAN_B-GR_02-lindsay-lohanRumors on Thursday spread like wildfire that there is an alleged sex tape featuring Lindsay Lohan.

News of the tape started with The Daily Mail’s story “Lindsay Lohan braces herself for release of internet sex tape.”

The video supposedly contains 47 seconds of Lindsay “frolicking” naked with a mystery male.

“This video file is dynamite. It is pretty seedy and shows Lindsay engaged in a particular sex act which, obviously, should remain behind closed doors,” a source told the Daily Mail.

According to the story, the tape is in the hands of a waiter who has tried to release it here, but faced copyright issues. So now he plans to release it via an “offshore porn site.”

Gossip Cop asked Lindsay about the video and she replied:

“What sex tape? Haha,” Lindsay told Gossip Cop.

Hopefully, the story is just a rumor and nothing more.

In other rumors, Gossip Cop also dispelled the rumor earlier in the week that Lindsay Lohan was “all over” a young model-type girl at Voyeur on Jan. 11.

HollywoodLife’s insider says Lindsay was hanging all over the girl.

“Lindsay was all over this girl, touching and petting… There was no outright kissing that I saw, but she was fully into her. They were still there getting cozy when I left at midnight,” the insider told HollywoodLife.

Gossip Cop asked Lindsay, who said the tall tale was “not true…haven’t been around or out.” (this was earlier this week)

Image: Bauer-Griffin

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    • @LindsayForever

      LMAO ! That’s RIDICULOUSSS! No one believes. I’m sure it’s a stupid rumor.

    • navneet

      this is garbage things so do spent mind on this story & suppose take an example if your closer to your heart shows their main parts of the body at public place than how u feel same feeling is here tonight & if there is no clothes in the world than its okay than why we expose this i dont know & u think over it & say me & iloveu

    • dina

      Thats your past long time ago, dont think about it lindsay. You are now standing in the new year with fresh life and manny planning job. Just focus that. I believe you can be strong and forget everything from the past. Some people still trying to embarassing you on public. My promise was helping to support her. love and miss u on movie, lindsay :)

    • blenoosoni4o

      It is really funny and rather sad that so many pathetic people are scouring the various dirt sites in search of a Lohan sex tape that does not exist.