Woman charged in celebrity break-in case

FP_IMAGE_3454194/FP_SET_3449576A woman considered one of the masterminds behind the celebrity break-ins, including the burglary at Lindsay Lohan’s home, has been charged with felony burglary and receiving stolen property, according to ABC News.

Rachel Lee, 19, was charged Wednesday. Five other suspects have already been charged with the burglaries.

Lee was arrested initially in October in Las Vegas, but at the time, Los Angeles prosectuors declined to press charges against her.
Lee and Nicholas Prugo, the first suspect arrested who faces seven counts of first-degree burglary, are considered by the authorities as the leaders. Prugo told LAPD that Lee suggested the celebrity homes to target, while he would do the research.

The burglaries were committed between December 2008 and October 2009. Among the celebrities hit were Lohan (in August), Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom, Rachel Bilson, Ashley Tisdale, Megan Fox and Audrina Patridge.

Lee is charged with the burglaries of Lohan, Hilton and Patridge. She is suspected of receiving stolen property including a fur coat and photographs.

Image: Fame Pictures. (Police and repairman arrive at Lindsay Lohan’s Los Angeles home on Aug. 23, 2009 after the actress discovered she had been burglarized.)

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