Did Rory Expect to Like Spring Break?

In ‘Girls in Bikinis, Boys Doin’ The Twist‘, Rory and Paris decide to escape the frigid Winter at Yale by going down to Florida… during Spring Break. Now, they don’t seem much like “Spring Break” kind of girls, do they? So why did they go? Was it all about the heat?


The girls both did their best to enjoy Spring Break (after their movie night) – going to the beach, going clubbing, and Paris kissing Rory. I think they discovered that “their” Spring Break enjoyment (the movies) were better suited to them than the wild stuff they tried. What do you think?

Watch this episode of Gilmore Girls on TheWB.com here.

Image: TheWB.com

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    • Josh

      EW did a story on this years ago where Amy implicitly admitted after ratings had dropped off 20% that she felt she had been thrown off track for the Milo pilot (to keep Milo in the “WB stable of hot boys” Lauren Graham was getting calls about the show being cancelled, and then midseason Amy did a pitch of this story which leads to Rory getting involved with Dean.

      According to Amy, she was told in the middle of filming this very episode that the show might not come back (The WB’s version is that her contract was up for renewal and implied that she started making suggestions she couldn’t continue, that they wouldn’t continue without her.)

      And so the new storylines to boost ratings took over (Luke-Lorelai …. with conflict, Rory and her troubled times with Dean, etc.). And when it worked, the rest is history.

      Judge from that what you will.

    • Mac

      I just love this episode.
      My favourite part is when Paris kisses Rory and then asks her what she thought about it because she couldn’t ask this to a guy.
      My favourite quote: If I have to die in a car accident I’d rather it was at my own hands, or something along those lines.
      Paris is just amazing in this episode!

    • Marie

      Alexis looks so beautiful here.

      I thought the premise, however worrisome, proved to be classic Gilmore Girls to make fun of it. Lorelai’s revealing reactions to Rory doing the opposite of what she would do was true to the series’ premise, and having Rory and Paris watch the Power of Myth was perfect.

      Ironically, this was not the end of the Rory we knew and loved. That would come later, out of some the things that began here. Maybe she caught a bug!

      And I completely agree, Mac, Liza Weil was wonderful. Such an asset to the show. I even liked seeing Madeline and Louise one last time. So sad that no other “friends” of Rory’s would be as interesting or complex as these two young women who were on the surface little more than shallow girls. I always thought it was a shame that Madeline or Louise did not run into Rory in Season 5, 6, or 7 to say something about how much she had changed.

    • http://www.westminsterco-realestate.com Adrian

      I love this episode very much. Thanks for posting

    • mcityrk

      One of the better episodes in season 4. Loved all the Lorelai/Rory role reversal interplay as well as the shout-out to popular culture. As to the post, the cold seemed like a convienient excuse to get the girls down south where they could gradually relax into enjoying a right of passage [albiet with no interest in repeating it] and book it as a life experience and confidence booster that they could always talk about and remember later. That seemed to me to be the best part of the episode.

      The flip side of course was that much fun as seeing M & L again was, it set up the possibility for the runaway train that was to be Rory/Dean part 3. It also started the unexpected “dumbing-down” pattern for Rory that continued for the rest of the series [particularly her timing of overindulgence in alcohol that indicated when she was about to make questionable decisions that could get her into trouble.] Of course as Josh points out the larger audiences lapped it up and the rest of GG was set in motion.