Hilary Duff Video Rewind

Time for a little Hilary Duff video rewind!

Check out the official video for Reach Out, her 2008 hit single that uses Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus riff. Oh and if you’re looking for a little comic relief, check out the ‘occult’ version of this video. Yes the person who made that is dead serious.

Also on tap is Hilary and Haylie’s 2004 version of the Go-Go’s Our Lips Are Sealed which features the sisters goofing off around town.

Finally, Hilary’s video for the 2007 hit Stranger. I love her belly dancing jewelry and makeup!

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    • ooh noo

      Alison, wake up! the evidence is all around you. The illuminati are a very real force in your nation. Their objective is clear, absolute power at its most despotic form.

      Hilary wears (in the pics with hayley) a shriner’s sword necklace which is a masonic symbol.

      In her recent Nylon interview, she admits to having two personalitie fighting against each other Diametrically opposed, i suppose

      hilary i still love you %( iv nether cheetid