Spice Girl Mel C’s Dirty Little Secret

Spice Girl Mel C (has let the cat out of the bag. She uses former band mate Victoria Beckham’s name to get 91029P3_CHISHOLM_B-GR_01-1tables in restaurants.

Mel admits that she sometimes invents meetings with Posh in order to get a seat at all the trendy restaurants she likes to eat at. “I still can’t always get a table in restaurants. Although I do have a trick up my sleeve. I always say Victoria Beckham is coming when I book. There is always a table free then,” Mel admitted.

Though the group has disbanded (minus reunion shows) Mel still remains friends with Victoria and her girlie crew. She told the Sunday Telegraph newspaper: “To be honest, when we first split I didn’t see the other girls for a couple of years. Then we began calling each other, and when we did the reunion tour we rediscovered how close we really are. And motherhood has mellowed all of us. Now we meet when we can. We still fight, but usually after a few too many drinks.” Let’s all say it–’Awwww!’

Image: Bauer-Griffin

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