Photos of photographer hit by Lindsay Lohan’s driver

Here’s a look at the paparazzo who was allegedly struck by a car Lindsay Lohan was riding in Saturday night. The photographer was standing next to Lindsay’s car after she got in after leaving a club in Hollywood Saturday night.


In these photos, the photographer is tended to by medics from the fire department.

The incident occured outside the Hotel Cafe in West Hollywood.


Images: Pacific Coast News

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    • dina

      Next times give a space to lindsays car. Everytimes iam wacthing on video gossip there is too wild the paparazzi.

    • dukesr

      Maybe the driver couldn’t see him because he’s so scrawny,almost anorexic.
      Give that starving guy some cookies and sweet rolls and a cake.

    • Rachel Rule:dave must visit often

      the look on the EMTs face is priceless,lol,he’s thinking,’what a buffoon,stop trying to put Golden Corral out of business!’ anyway,if you watch the TMZ video,you clearly see that LLs car NEVER hits this slob,it’s all acting by the stalkerpap. whatever,fat boy,get a real job,get a stomach bypass,and do the subway diet,lol. loser

    • Lindsay’s Friend

      … oink!