Avril Gift Set Finds at Kohl’s

Avril Lavigne's Black Star Gift Set Promotional Photo

Avril Lavigne's Black Star Gift Set Promotional Photo

While doing some post-holiday necessity shopping at Kohl’s, I came across a lot of New Year deals of Avril Lavigne merchandise. There’s a sale on her clothing line. While this particular Kohl’s was short on Abbey Dawn accessories, it had Black Star gift sets I hadn’t seen before.

There was one I couldn’t resist: the great perfume plus small speakers for my iPod with the Avril Lavigne/Black Star logo on the back. Perfect. It was also ten perfect off, as per Kohl’s current sale.

I have raved on the perfume before, but it really is a must-smell. Rather than just buying the perfume, I recommend taking advantage of the gift sets they have now if you can. :-) Great deals. I also saw another I was tempted to buy: two different-sized bottles of the perfume in one cool package.

Have you come across any cool Avril finds at your local Kohl’s? If so, we’d love to hear about it.

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