• Sat, Jan 9 2010

Bradley Cooper Looked Smokin’ Hot for Letterman

When comedians are sexy it makes their jokes that much better (unless they truly aren’t funny). Stanley Cooper is one of the actors/comedians who floats everyone’s boat. He has this ‘guy next door’ look and yet when he dresses to impress he looks totally sharp. Last night he was a guest on Letterman and he was wearing a three piece suit!!!! Not that I think this is odd, he’s been known for his good taste. The light blue shirt he’s wearing makes his sexy blue eyes shine!!

I missed the interview but I’m sure he was witty (and hunky) and made everyone laugh. If anyone saw it please leave a comment and tell us how it went!


This is a great shot of Stanley making a cute face to one of the paparazzi! In all of these photos he looks uber friendly and not like an arragont actor.

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Image Credit: Fame Pictures

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  • Anna

    it’s BRADLEY cooper!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    umm…his name is bradley cooper…

  • Julie Bonner

    LOL! Thanks. I fixed it. I just took over the site and am a HUGE Bradley Cooper fan. He’s delicious. ;)