Bradley Cooper Looked Smokin’ Hot for Letterman

When comedians are sexy it makes their jokes that much better (unless they truly aren’t funny). Stanley Cooper is one of the actors/comedians who floats everyone’s boat. He has this ‘guy next door’ look and yet when he dresses to impress he looks totally sharp. Last night he was a guest on Letterman and he was wearing a three piece suit!!!! Not that I think this is odd, he’s been known for his good taste. The light blue shirt he’s wearing makes his sexy blue eyes shine!!

I missed the interview but I’m sure he was witty (and hunky) and made everyone laugh. If anyone saw it please leave a comment and tell us how it went!


This is a great shot of Stanley making a cute face to one of the paparazzi! In all of these photos he looks uber friendly and not like an arragont actor.

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Image Credit: Fame Pictures

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    • Anna

      it’s BRADLEY cooper!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      umm…his name is bradley cooper…

    • Julie Bonner

      LOL! Thanks. I fixed it. I just took over the site and am a HUGE Bradley Cooper fan. He’s delicious. ;)