Simon Wants To Save Tamra From Big, Bad Gretchen

There is light at the end of the Launch My Line tunnel: the Real Housewives of Orange County are back! On tonight’s episode, Simon and Tamra‘s relationship continues to suffer. When we last hung out with our girls, Tamra was being forced to choose between her friendship with Vicki and her slave contract (oops, marriage) to Simon. That theme continues tonight, with the below argument. Tamra wants to make up with Gretchen and “forgive, but not forget” and Simon is not down with that. I’m still a bit confused as to why Tamra needs to “forgive” Gretchen when it was Tamra that went back on their agreement and blew up her spot regarding Jay on the reunion show. But, what do I know? I don’t even have implants.

Are you excited for tonight’s show?

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    • Anna

      I know plenty are on the hate-train with Tamra, but I blame Gretchen for putting Tamra in that terrible position. Gretchen opened up to Tamra and Simon about her relationship with Jay. They apparently all socialized together while Jeff was alive and discussed their relationship at length. Then Jay goes off the deep end and drags Tamra and Simon into it. I wouldn’t be happy if I got subpoenaed to come to court to testify at a hearing on a restraining order! That’s who Gretchen chose to bring into her life as well as her friends’ lives. Tamra shouldn’t have to apologize for speaking the truth. Gretchen’s feigning ignorance on the whole thing is getting old.

    • mona

      Simon is such a tyrant! Why does he feel the need to control every aspect of Tamra’s life? Watched the reruns recently and everytime Simon is on, he is behaving like a control freak. He is always trying to prove he is right and that he is doing this to protect Tamra, yeah right! His insecurities are getting old. Why doesn’t he worry less about Tamra and focus more on making money so they don’t have to lose their home or continue to get their cars repo’d. The OC Court website is full of Simon’s fincial problems, he really has enough on his plate than to worry about who his wife is friends with.

    • Archie
    • kari

      I thought all the couples bonded during girls wkend? Simon didn’t look like he had a problem with gretchen on the boat or the hotel lobby or the club. Good for Simon for divorcing tamra. He’s hot and he can do better! I hope he blogs 2nite!

    • mona

      Isn’t it interesting that he timed this to coinside with tonight’s episode?? He is such an attention seeking freak. He probably drove her into another man’s arms with his constant smothering and rules. The divorce docs also say he is asking the judge to terminate the court’s ability to award Tamra spousal support. What a TOOL, LOSER, ETC. Nice try Simon! This is very sad for their children.

    • mona

      EXACTLY Maria! Can you believe how calculating this guy is??? I hope the judge denies his request.

    • Anna

      Particularly in California, Tamra WILL get some spousal support, but probably for only a period of time. Every guy asks for that. It is nothing new.

    • Theresa

      You are so full of crap it is hilarious. Gretchen never opened up about anything regarding a relationship with that ass J. J played the friend card with Gretchen the whole time Jeff was ill. He offered to take out the trash, let her dogs out etc.. Once he had access to her home he started stealing pics, phone numbers and more. Then started bragging around town he was going to figure out a way to make money off of Gretchen. Gretchen had no idea he was doing these things behind her back. I know J personally and I have witness him slip into the dark side. Gretchen was so nice to him, she gave him 16K , I even lent that jerk money cause he was loosing his house. Then he goes and does what he did! are you F$#$%*g kidding me? There are so many people in Newport that want to erase that guy it’s not even funny. Please don’t blog about what you don’t know. Gretchen did nothing, we where all coned by a guy, he subpoenaed Tamra no Gretchen. All she did was file a Restraining Order to try and protect herself from him. Guess what, Jay has nine counts of domestic violence against him and 5 pages of criminal activity. I heard she decided to let CMPD go after him criminally which is why her attorney said drop the case, let the cops handle him. Simon and Tamra stayed friends with this asshole. You really have no idea honey!

      Here is my main issue. Tamra lied! Her and Simon know J. He and Simon are buddie from the auto industry. If some tool bag is calling my house, I’d have my husband handle it. Why would I blame my girlfriend for the actions of a drunk guy who is friends with my husband? tell Simon to man up and handle it, don’t blame and make false allegations on national TV towards a woman his Fiance just DIED! you asshole. It’s obvious Gretchen was so blown away by the accusations, she even says in the lost footage episode ” I must be being set up!” The minute Gretchen found out what this J dude was all about she quit being friends with him. Why did Tamra and Simon befriend a guy like that? Because they are trash like he is, they like like he does and now it has all blown up in there face. I just feel really bad for the kids.

    • Gina

      Amen Theresa! Amen1 You are spot on about everything. The barneys are trash.

    • http://yahoo Tish

      Wow, Theresa, thanks for givng us some inside info. I’ve never been a fan of Tamra and even less of Simon but to know that they were friends of J. Photoglu says it all. That’s why they have such a huge “hate train” following. Also, Simon tried to build himself up by giving Tamra a Rolex and expensive bracelet on previous seasons – he must be so insecure – it’s called “little man syndrome”, Simon! You are a sneaky manipulative control freak who is married to a lying conniving woman! Now Karma has come to visit you.

    • Sister Sledge

      Nine counts of Domestic Violence and 5 pages of criminal activity? Where? I only see traffic tickets on the Orange County Superior Court website.

    • Maria Diaz

      Hope Tamra has a good lawyer. The termination of spousal support is really sneaky, as is announcing this on the day of the show and sending to Radar the SAME DAY the papers were filed.