Kara DioGuardi promises big surprise performers for season 9

Even if you don’t watch Britain’s Got Talent, almost everyone knew who Susan Boyle was. She was the shock sensation of the year even if she didn’t win the competition. When she walked out on stage, older than the usual singing competitors we’re used too, and looking rather frumpy no one expected the beautiful voice that came out of her mouth when she started her song.

With season nine of American Idol starting up in just one week’s time, Kara DioGuardi has promised big surprises along the same lines of Susan Boyle. She did an interview with Billboard and when she was asked what we could expect this time around, Kara had this to say:

“I would say that there were more than a few times this season that someone walked in and sang and I was shocked that they didn’t have the appearance to have that voice. It was just kind of a “Whoa, where did that come from? Hold up.” It’s like Susan Boyle.”

I love that! It’s always fun when someone doesn’t really look like a singing star but they end up having an amazing voice. For me, one of the biggest examples of that on Idol was Clay Aiken’s audition. He looked incredibly awkward and I expected him to be mediocre at best and when he started singing my jaw hit the floor. He became my instant favorite for that season.

What was your biggest surprise on Idol in the past?

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