Video clip of the Jolie-Pitt family arriving at Mary Poppins

Yesterday I posted some photos of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie taking the four oldest Jolie-Pitt kids to see “Mary Poppins” on Broadway. In the comments, PittWatch reader Angela provided a link to a video clip of the family’s arrival.

While it’s a bit of a shame that the bodyguards actually have to ASK the paparazzi to move back from the kids because that should be common sense. In fact – and long-time readers have heard me say this before – it should be a law that paparazzi must be a certain distance away from celebrity children. I take a lot of pictures too so I can assure them that you can buy excellent lenses that allow you to photograph your subject from a reasonable distance. There is no need to be directly in someone’s face with a camera like that.

Still, I’ve definitely seen worse. As far as the insanity that unfolds when Brad and Angelina arrive on the scene, especially with their kids, this was pretty tame. I was also impressed by how efficient the whole process is, they got out of the car and into the building in a fairly quick and smooth manner.

The best part of the video is when Pax starts saying, “go! Go!” to the paparazzi, shooing them away. It seems as though he’s imitating the bodyguards because they also wave the cameras back. Kids are really good at picking up on everything around them. Too bad Pax is still so young since right now it’s more cute than effective but I can see him being a force to be reckoned with!

Thanks for the heads’ up Angela!

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    • Arrie09

      stratoula- i’ve never seen that interview either and i also believe it was beautiful bt i dnt know where she was…wish i did tho!!!

    • angela

      sarahc, i agree with Stratoula. they are being followed all the time. if the paps are camping out of their house in LA 24/7, i wouldn’t be surprised if they’re doing the same in NY. as you can see in the video, the theater’s bodyguards where expecting for their arrival, i think it’s pretty obvious that someone there might have shared the news and it drew a crowd.

    • joliepittfanatic

      Since people have been mentioning the twins…..Here’s something that’s been confusing me for awhile: When Shiloh was around 14 months old (the same age Knox and Viv were in the Ice Cream Parlor photos), we started seeing her a lot more often (still not as often as the other kids, but far more often than we had seen her prior to that). Yet the twins will be a year and half (18 months) next week, and thus far we’ve only seen them once in their second year of life (at the Ice Cream parlor).

      Anyone have any idea why they didn’t start taking the twins out more often once the hit 14 months, even though they did with Shi? Not criticizing them, just honestly curious. :)

    • Kati

      Jamie.a. – I totally agree with you. I´m certain that Brad and Angie take the twins out too but the paps aren´t fortunately there to take pics of those outings. The twins certainly aren´t hiddeen in a suitcase while being taken from one destination to another. The one reason why they weren´t with the rest of the family to see Mary Poppins is quite clear to me. They are too young to be sitting through a musical (or a play a movie) that lasts more than an hour. I still wish that we´d see a lot more of them soon. And we certainly will. I could well imagine that pretty soon Shi or Zee will say to their mum and dad that they won´t go out if the twins don´t come with them. LOL. The weather must be another reason why we´ve not seen the twins out with the rest of the family in NYC. They aren´t used to the cold weather. But with proper clothing they certainly would be OK. Hope to see them soon. God bless the JPs 4ever!

    • sunny

      joliepittfanatic, One reason is easy to explain. If you have children you will know about raising children. Twins need someone who carrys them when paps rush to them. Their other 4 children at least need someone who hold their hands in front of paps. If Brad carries twins, Angie have to hold 4 children’s hands at the same time. When either Shiloh or Zahara feel sleepy Angie needs to carry them and holds other 3 children’s hands at the same time. Do you still want to see them in those situation ? They are not animals in the zoo.

    • Kati

      june – thanks for posting that other video! It´s so cute. I can well hear Pax sayin “Back up!” to those paps. He truly is like an unofficial bodyguard to this family. He sure hates the paps as much as his younger sis Zee. This was supposed to be a private family outing but what can you do? The paps always seem to know where the JPs are. It was great to see Holly joining the family. I think that maybe her baby was at the hotel with Knox and Viv and their nannies. Or maybe Brad´s parents are still in NYC. Who knows.

    • anotherbix

      joliepittfanatic, I think another reason might be that there haven’t been as many paparazzi opportunities. My personal opinion is that Brad and Angie are doing the same outings with the twins but they haven’t been in a situation to get photographed (whether that’s because they’re in a secluded area of France, or slipping through LA unnoticed, or whatever). When all those outings with Shiloh took place in late 2007, from memory the Jolie-Pitts were living in Chicago through August, New York in Sep/Oct, and New Orleans in December, and those are always highly photographed areas for them. Shiloh was papz-ed with her siblings at the New York Zoo, at Kidville, hanging out with her parents on set, going to Lee’s Art Shop, and all that stuff. On the other hand for almost their entire 18 months the twins have been in very private areas like France, so we really don’t know what kind of outings they’re going on unless there happens to be a photographer on some rare occasions.

      Sorry for the dissertation! I find it really interesting following the media interest in the Jolie-Pitts and how they manage to avoid it and maintain privacy for their kids. I guess this clip shows they’re getting really good at it, and Pax’s little “go! go!” shows that the kids are getting good at it too.

    • anotherbix

      This is just a little addendum to my comment above (which won’t make any sense by itself because that one’s under moderation, but never mind!)

      – the weather probably makes a difference too. When Shiloh was 16/17 months old and living in New York, it was fall and she only needed a light sweater to visit the toy store or the zoo. On the other hand it probably takes hours bundling all six kids up in beanies and snow jackets and gloves and all the rest of it, and the twins would probably rather be at home.

    • Kati

      stratoula – thank you a lot for that wonderful Angelina video! I think that this interview was made a few years ago since her look seems to be the same as during the filming of MAMS. It can be done later too but my guess is it´s made in 2005. I really admire Angelina for her humanitarian work for refugees. Some cynics said in 2001 – or was it 2002 – that she´s doing this work just as a PR stunt. But she is doing it with her whole heart. The way she talks about these poor people makes my heart melt and brings tears to my eyes. Before she got involved into this work she was very self-distructive and her work as an actor was everything to her. But then – like she says in this video – something changed. She saw in which conditons those refugees live and decided that she wants to help. I´m sure that during the years her urge to help has increased and especially now that she´s a mother herself she just can´t stand and do nothing. And Brad sure is very, very proud of her. He´s accompanied her to some of those trips in recent years and seen with his own eyes how wonderful job Angie is doing. Mad, Pax and Zee aren´t refugees but Angie has given them a much better lives than they would have had if they had stayed in their home countries. Now they have loving parents and three younger siblings who all love them. Hopefully one of them six will one day continue their mum and dad´s humanitarian work and makes his/her parents really proud. God bless Angelina, Brad and their adorable children always!

    • Melodie

      Charlotte : i saw the silky too and i thought it’s soooo cute.

      Stratoula : thank you for this interview, it’s nice !

    • Mary Ann

      These are my thoughts on why we don’t see the twins out with the rest of the family. Brad and Angie employee body guards to watch after them and their children. I am sure Brad has all the faith in the world about these body guards, but I think that Brad feels that he is the protector of his family. And possibly he thinks if they were out with all six it would become complete bedlam and that he would not be able to protect all of them. If you watch Brad in video’s his eyes are always moving around. Even when he standing still and kissing Angie his eyes are always looking around. This man feels that this is his job to protect the ones he loves. As someone else mentioned he and Angie are always holding on to the kids or picking them up, and if all six were out they could not do that. You know what, being rich and famous has alot of drawbacks.

    • Jamie. a.

      Remember when we heard about Angelina and Shiloh visiting a store with no paparazzi around? They weren’t followed then. We also would have seen photo’s of them coming into New York, and leaving wherever it was they were before they arrived there if they were followed 24/7. If photogs were there, they would have taken photo’s, otherwise what would be the point. They must go outside sometimes without anyone around.

      I don’t think their every move is followed, which is good because they are entitled to their privacy. But you must have noticed that when Brad or Angie are working, there are more paparazzi around. Sometimes they are needed. I had forgotten about Salt again, that is until Angie came back to New York to reshoot some scenes and I viewed the pictures. What is not needed though, is the ugly stories created to go along with the picture. And it is very unnecessary to get too close to the children.

      Other people have suggested that Knox and Vivienne are not as healthy as they should be. That would be absolutely horrible, and I hope its untrue, but it could explain the lack of twin sightings when they know the photogs and craziness are going to be around. And it could be why they may not go as much as the older kids. Only those closest to them know the real reason. And for those who may get upset, please don’t. I mean no harm and wish nothing but the best for the entire family.

      As far as the people here suggesting that it would be too much on Brad and Angelina to handle all 6 children at a time out in public, I will agree with that, especially with twins under the age of 2. But I believe the original question was why they are hardly seen, at all. Even with just mom and dad alone. Thats been seen just once or twice.

      stratoula, thank you so much for sharing this video. Everytime I watch one of these I just cannot comprehend how someone can look at her face and listen to her stories and not support her. Anyway. I’m adding that to my favorite list. :-]

    • Yoco

      There was a sighting of the twins in LA at the doctors office in July but there were no pics it was posted on Accesshollywood and in Life and style magazine.Everttime they go out there aren’t pics. A couple of months ago there was a report of Shiloh and Angie shopping at the Gap but no pics.

    • joliepittfanatic

      Jaime. a. -In a PEOPLE article about the twins’ first birthday, it was mentioned that the twins were walking and “keeping their parents and older siblings on their toes”. Also, in the pictures of them at the Ice Cream Parlor, they look healthy as can be! Plus, during the twins’ first year of life, Angie and Brad were asked about the twins quite a few times (on RCs and such), and they always said they were “great” and healthy. As open and honest as they are, I don’t think they’d have said that if the twins actually had health issues.

      Also, it’s doubtful they’d be traveling from country to country with the twins if they weren’t healthy. So I’m sure they’re perfectly healthy. :)

    • Jamie. a.

      No need to take offense joliepittfanatic. :)

    • Yoco

      I agree if the twins had digestive problems and allergies as the tabloids contend I doubt that they wood be eating ice cream at a parlor in Jordan or Syria.Parents w/ kids w/ medical issues monitor everything they eat for possible allergic reactions.

    • Jamie. a.

      I asked Sherry to delete my comment from this morning right after I posted. She must be offline busy.

      Sometimes my thoughts seem to come off as rude, and I never mean for them to be! :-) I also sometimes am not too sure on other peoples writings, and mistake theirs for being rude or angry.

      Regarding the twins, it was just a mere thought. I hope I didn’t upset anyone.

    • joliepittfanatic

      jaimie.a.- You didn’t offend me, and I apologize for getting so defensive. For some reason it annoys me when people say Angie and Brad might be keeping the twins out of the public eye because they have health problems. However, I should not have reacted like that to your comment. You were clearly just throwing that out there as one possibility, however remote it might be, and I certainly did not need to get all defensive like that. Again, I apologize!

    • jamie

      Its ok jpf, no harm done! :) I’ve just been overly emotional this week with personal things so its really my fault anyway. Take care. :)

    • Kati

      anotherbix – I agree with you. The weather certainly is one reason why Brad and Angie haven´t taken the twins out in NYC. It would take, like you said, hours to dress up all six kids for an outing. The older ones – Mad, Pax and Zee and Shi – sure can dress themselves but finding their clothes sure is a chaos! LOL. And add the twins into that mix! But I´m positive that we´ll be seeing those two cuties more when the family goes to France where the weather is warmer. Maybe they go there this spring. Right now it´s quite cold in France too. Miss Knox and Viv! God bless the Jolie-Pitts 4ever!