The Jolie-Pitt Family take on Broadway

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had a great Sunday outing with the four oldest Jolie-Pitt kids. The family, including Maddox, Zahara, Pax, and Shiloh, all headed out on Broadway to see the musical Mary Poppins show that is currently playing at the New Amsterdam Theater in New York.

Maddox Jolie-Pitt,Angelina Jolie,  Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

Naturally Knox and Vivienne were not with them but at their age they wouldn’t be interested in watching a musical stage show; they probably wouldn’t even be able to sit through it.

I love how they all seem to be dressed up a bit for the occasion and I’ll bet that Maddox, Zahara, Pax, and Shiloh all had a very good time.

Click on the images below to see more photos of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie taking their kids to Mary Poppins.

Images: INF

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    • Stitch

      Up to this moment, I’ve usualy enjoyed the pictures of Jolie-Pitts, but I’m sorry, this is too up close. It’s not funny that Pax has to ask the paparazzi to go away. It’s not cool. This family shouldn’t be our entertainment like monkeys in the zoo. So please stop with the comments ‘I feel bad’ as if you do. We all feed the paparazzi by even being interested in these photos. I’m guilty as well by even thinking a longer lens would’ve been nicer. We all
      hope they had a great time that night but the fact remains that a family can’t go out peacefully without first having to endure flashlights and pushing through people. It’s insane and incredibly selfish of us to expect they should.

    • Joyce

      there is a close up pic of shiloh in x17 and the eyes and lips are amazing… very adorable

    • Kati

      Thanks for these beautiful pics, Sherry! They really madde my day! I just love this family. It´s so refreshing to see a celeb family who does normal things like take their kids to see a musical. Shiloh looks more and more like her dad every day. Those insanely blue eyes she has inherited from her dad are sooo beautiful. Also the other kids are just cute. Love Zee´s hair bow. And also love Mad and Pax. Mad seems to be hiding and I really understand why. But Pax looks really funny with that expression in his face. He has certainly adjusted just beautifully into this family. I agree with you Sherry about the twins. They´re still too young to be sitting through a musical or a play. But hopefully later this year we´ll be seeing them attending something similar. However, I hope that we´ll be seeing them REALLY soon having some fun time with their parents and older sibs. Miss them terribly! God bless the JPs 4ever!

    • elizabeth

      I honestly say that I click on shi photo numerous time…OMG she is so amazing georgeous. JP should check this picture unbelibable. They all look so good. God Bless the JP family..thanks for sharing the pics.

    • jenn

      So cool to see ange and fam as they really are, not the fabricated negative hype sold by the media. Ange looks amazing and brad is ‘the dad’, whatever naysayers would like to think, this couple is inseparable…their children create a formidable bond. can’t imagine anyone coming between either ange or brad when it comes to ‘the joli-pit gang’!!!

    • Faye88

      Thanks Sherry for the new pics, and thanks to those who provided the additional photos, video and links.

      Z and Shi look so pretty. Love Z’s outfit, and Shi has gotten so tall. Lucky I wasn’t drinking anything while watching the video of the JPs entering the theater. Pax was so funny with the “Go! Go!” command. LOL!!! I guess he reached his threshold with that crazy mob scene outside of Dave & Busters.

      Mary Poppins was one of my favorites when I was a kid. I hope the JPs had an enjoyable theater experience.

    • kimmy

      thanks Sherry! love the new pics! i just love seeing how much Zee is growing and looking so beautiful! Shiloh is still a combination of both Brad and Angie.. love her eyes and lips! and oh my! Paxie! he is so cute! he is like a little prince for me.. Madz is a handsome young boy now.. love them so much!

      God Bless them and good health for all of them! :)

    • kimmy

      i just love it when Pax talks! haha! he’s reaction is more great now than Zee’s facial expression! he literally tells the papz to GO AWAY! haha!

    • Anna

      I think they all look great here, except for Brad. I really do not like the beard but it’s not my face so not my business :)

      Pax seems to be copying the bodyguards, maybe he wants to be one when he grows up!

      I just watched the video and they were in there pretty fast. They are really practised at this. Quite strange there are no photos of them leaving, the paps must have waited.

    • stratoula

      Love the new pics,but I feel so guilty watching them and then hear what Pax said to the paps.It must be really hard for those kids.They just want to have fun with their parents!But I must say that all the kids are really cute and beautiful,like their gorgeous parents!!!
      I also like the fact that Brad and Angie always finds exciting things to do with the kids!I’m sure they had a wonderful time(inside!!!)!And,as for the twins,I totally agree with you Sherry!!!They are so young for a musical!Maybe next time!!!
      Thanks for posting the pics Sherry!!!And thanks for the video,angela!

    • Kati

      angela – thanks for this wonderful video! I couldn´t stop laughing at that part when Pax gestures with his hand to the paps and says: “Go, go!” He shows who´s the boss! His words speak more than Zee´s death stare. It´s wonderful to hear him speak. I couldn´t detect any foreign accent in his speach. So he most certainly has learnt to speak with a perfect American English accent. At least I couldn´t detect a Vietnamese accent in his speach. Mad has truly become a handsome young boy. And both Zee and Shi are also very cute. They both have become tall little girls. Every time I see a new pic of those sisters I think that they´ve become even more beautiful. Can´t wait to see Viv and see how beautiful she is. And how handsome Knox has become. Those cuties must have grown a lot since we last saw them. God bless the JPs!

    • eliza

      It makes me feel guilty’s such a strange life. But I do love seeing them. I would think that once they get in they are like any other family. It’s the street stuff where they are hounded so much. Pax is hysterical. I always get the feeling he is quite the character.

    • finola

      hi they is a video on just jared of that pitt@jolie leaving. pax is cool,it is a pited they cant go out for a night without them paps around hope they enjoy it anyway.

    • Mary Ann

      Loved all the pictures. They all had matching gray colors on. What a beautiful family.

    • Enya

      Would be even nicer to see the children or the girls at least wearing brighter colors. Black and gray, they looked like accessoires to Brad and Angie. Sort of weird (hey don’t stone me, I really love the family)

    • joliepittfanatic

      Kati- “Shiloh looks more and more like her dad every day.” It’s funny that you should mention that, because I was just on Celebrity Baby Blog, and one commentor on their post of these pictures said that she thinks Shiloh looks a lot like Angie in that close-up picture! :)

    • Kati

      joliepittfanatic – I partly agree with you. There are pics in which Shiloh looks like Angie but still I find that she looks more like her dad. She has – in my opinion – inherited her facial features from the Pitt side of the family. But that beautiful mouth she has most obviously inherited from her mum. However, what´s more important than her outlook is that she and her siblings are healthy. That´s what should mean more.

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    • ilove’em

      i’ve never commented on one of these before, but in the last 24hrs i’ve watched so much footage OMG. angie is i think the most or one of the most beautiful people on earth. agree or disagree i don’t care i love ‘em all

    • Kati

      ilove´em – I totally agree with you. In ,m yopinion Angie truly is the most or one of the most beautiful people in this planet. Her beauty is beyond words. My guess is that all her daughters – Zahara, Shiloh and Vivienne – are gonna be beautiful young women one day. It doesn´t matter that Zahara is adopted and is black. One´s origins and skin color has nothing to do with beauty – either inner. or outer beauty. Shiloh has always in my opinion looked more like her dad but lately I have began to see some more features that she ahs inherited from Angie. And Vivienne already is a spitting image of Angie. Wish to see her again soon. She and her twin brother Knox certainly have grown a lot lately. But more than I appreciate beauty I appreciate helth. My only wish is that all Jolie-Pit children and their parents always stay healthy! God bless Brad, Angie and their adorable children 4ever!