Lindsay Lohan shops in St. Barth

Lindsay Lohan, her sister Ali Lohan and friends enjoy shopping and hanging out in St. Barth on Saturday, visiting some of the shops.


Lindsay wore either her red or black cover over her swimsuit while walking along with friends and shopping at a few of the stores throughout the day.

Lindsay and company also hung out on the luxurious yacht where she’s been staying for the last few days for the New Year’s celebration.

Images: Bauer-Griffin and Fame Pictures

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    • dina

      Her life most is plesure and shopping. She really enjoy when take vacation. Iam curious how she can manage her finansial? Little working a lot fun :)Lovely :D

    • dukesr

      Actually she keeps quite busy working.
      She’s got her fashion job with Ungaro in Paris.
      She’s busy writing for her production company.
      She completed one movie in 2009 and is signed for one more.
      She has appeared on television shows.
      She’s had endorsements,photo shoots,modeling in 2009.
      She’s busy with her charities and humanitarian work.
      She’s also expanding her clothing business.
      Of course,the news media mostly ignore the positive things.

    • ivycheang

      Haha~ I have no clue either but it’s a really good thing for her~ I would probably want a life like that too, but she has problem to deal with too, paparazzi being the most annoying one… ^_^” Anyways, hope she enjoys her vacation!!! Well, she probably is, who wouldn’t? :P