Why Does Paris Keep Jamie Around?

gilmore-girls-season-3-23.jpgIn ‘A Family Matter‘, we find out that Paris hasn’t yet broken up with her “boyfriend”, Jamie, though she’s dating Asher Fleming, something we discussed a few days ago.

Though apparently ga-ga over Asher, and “done” with Jamie (pshaw, who needs a boy your own age when you have a 60-year-old teacher), we find out that Paris has yet to tell Jamie their relationship is over. Instead, she merely blows off plans they had for the night and is rude to him on the phone.

Why does Paris do this? Is she too cowardly to break up with Jamie? Is he her “back up”, in case Asher is just a fling? Or does she simply not care enough to do anything about it?

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    • Ashley

      Although she says she’s ‘done with Jamie’ I think she feels a little guilty for just leaving him for another guy, especially a 60-year-old man. However, I did get the feeling she was just stringing him along so she had back up just incase things didn’t work between her and Asher.

    • mcityrk

      Strictly a cold-blooded plus/minus calculation. Why go through the expense of burning a bridge until it becomes obvious it costs more to leave it standing?

    • PT

      I feel like Paris was stringing along Jaime incase something went wrong with Asher. I don’t think thats fair to Jaime because he was a great guy and I really like the way he is with Paris. I think she was just being spoiled with herself. She wanted Asher but she wanted Jaime as a fall back option. It just wasnt right.

    • http://latestcelebritygossips.com/ Bryan

      I really can’t imagine a girl like her can do that to her man. I thought only guys do the two-timer thing. Shame on her.

    • Wonder Y

      College girl acting immature and insecure? Wow. There’s a new one. While mcityrk’s idea may be the subliminal reason, I doubt she was thinking it consciously.

    • rachel

      Because he was her first boyfriend and she had no experience breaking up with any one. She didn’t know how to do it.

    • Alia

      I think she kept Jamie around because she wasn’t sure how things would go with Asher. I also think that she didn’t really know how to break up with him… and doing it over the phone on his birthday is just harsh! I felt sorry for Jamie then.