Don’t Forget: Nick Jonas & The Administration’s “Who I Am” Airs Today!

Nick Jonas shared a little message on his Twitter and he reminded us that today is the premiere of “Nick Jonas & The Administration’s” music video for “Who I Am”. Disney Channel showed us a sneak peek to get us all geared up and ready. Here it is.

Nick’s message:

Hey everyone! Once again, we come to the end of another year and stand overwhelmed with all that has happened AND everything that is coming in 2010. This has been a wonderful year filled with incredible opportunities and memories.

First we want to take a moment to look ahead to 2010. We are all so excited about everything we have lined up for the New Year. We really believe that this is going to be the busiest and best year ever for the Jonas Brothers.

The year starts on New Year’s Day with the premiere of Nick’s brand new video for WHO I AM on the Disney Channel. They will also show some scenes from Camp Rock 2. We are all so excited for you to see them both.

Read the rest of the message here.

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