Brad Pitt, Zahara, and Shiloh pick up Angelina Jolie

At the end of a good day of (cold) shooting along the Hudson River, Angelina Jolie was picked up by Brad Pitt as well as Zahara and Shiloh. After a long work day I’ll bet that’s just what Angie needed to make the cold weather all worthwhile.

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, Brad Pitt,Zahara Jolie-Pitt

The kids are so cute in their winter gear and at least Brad’s beard is serving a purpose now – I’ll bet it’s keeping his face warm!

I love Angelina’s puffy brown coat, very stylish and comfortable. Best of all though is how happy she is to see some of her family there to pick her up at the end of the day.

Click on the images below to view more photos of Brad Pitt, Zahara, and Shiloh picking up Angelina Jolie after her day of work:

Images: INF // Splash News Online

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    • Jah

      Lol.. plot. I’m sorry, but some people really ought to stop filling their heads with tabloid garbage.

      I agree about the children being out in this weather. If it was just from the car and a quick walk over to get Angelina, I think its alright. I personally would have probably left them home, but thats me. If they were going for a long walk somewhere I would think their parents are out of their minds… with or without tights (thermals.. whatever) and mittens. It was far to cold on this day to be out for more than 30 minutes.


      Shiloh is soo cute….she looks just like her mommy with the big fish lips…what a cutie

    • Arrie09

      LOL!!! This is soooo cute!!! Oh I luv them!!! Wonder what the girls thought about mommy’s wig!! lol

    • rochelle

      I am so glad that I have seen another happy picture of the family. I have been affected by this rumours. Honestly Brad should just focus on his family now only angie and the children. They have been protrayed as humanitarian for needy family and now Brad you have children your own and you are even considering to go because you felt bad for jennifer and realize. You are going to kill angelina emotionally and physically. Angie is so happy to see you and it is just so heart breaking when I read alot of negative things you do. I use to be so blessed, moved and inspired by your actions towards your family brad but now I just felt numbed by your own actions. Please do not leave angie or the children work it out it is hard yes I know but you have to make a big sacrifice for the sake of angie and the children. You need to stop communicating with Jennifer to make this things work. And your parents needs to start loving angie because she sacrifice alot to for your sake brad. I am not being judgemental I just know in my heart that staying with angie is the best of you brad nothing else you will never be happy with jennifer because jennifer never trusted you she is lonely and relationship never worked with her so why make another mistake now children are involved. Please I beg of you just stay and be happy of what you have your the luckiest person in the world. Sorry but I have to say. I am a person who always know and when I say something is happens and I know what you feel right now and I am afraid you will make a worst decision in your life. Dont even ask but I know. We will pray for you and your family and I hope you hang on please for the sake of everybody not only your family but also for the people who look up with you as a role model. God Bless

    • Sherry

      With all due respect Rochelle, what ARE you even talking about? Why should Brad stop his humanitarian efforts when he’s helped so many people? Because you choose to believe the tabloid garbage? Look at how involved Angelina is in humanitarian causes. Do you think she’d want him to drop MIR, Not On Our Watch, and the other things he does to help? I don’t think so.

      Again, with all the respect in the world, calm down. The tabloids have been printing the same old stories for five years. They haven’t proven true in that time, there’s no need to believe it now. This is really the wrong site to glorify what the tabloids say!

    • Lin

      You are so right, Sherry. The tabloid rag mags are nothing but pages and pages full of lies, especially when it comes to Jolie and Pitt. Remember, these are also the same rag mags who said Aniston was pregnant by Mayer. And obviously that was not true either! Pitt has said numerous times that he and Angelina never pay attention to what is printed about them. I do not understand how anyone can read that garbage and believe it. Rochelle, you need to stop believing what is printed unless it actually comes from the mouths of Angelina and Brad themselves, as in a video clip of one or both of them talking!

    • Lin

      There is NOTHING wrong with the way those two little girls are dressed! So what if they decided not to have their mittens on! I grew up in Iowa, which is just as cold, if not colder than New York, in the dead of winter. We used to take our mittens off to eat icicles…we played in the snow almost all day, and no one I knew wore tights under their slacks. We were dressed very similar to the way Shiloh and Zahara are dressed. The carpers on here whining about how these two are dressed should just stop. Then there is a poster who called this reshoot a plot…how ridiculous! Why can’t you people just leave them alone! They are obviously happy. Stop paying attention to the gossip rags or equally gossipy writers, none of whom write the truth!

    • Lin

      Star magazine has blaring headlines about how Pitt has left Angelina…another gigantic lie. There is no way Angelina would be looking at Pitt the way she is in these pictures and have something like that be true. I never buy Star magazine, not after I realized what a bunch of made up blather it is.

    • Jah

      Lin, isn’t a bit of a contradiction there to tell people to quit reading the tabloid crap and then post a story they’ve published? Whether you’re trying to make a point that its b.s lies or not, you are still talking about it and paying attention to it, and you just advertised one of the biggest rag mags out there. And by the way, I was not “whining” about the children’s clothing, and I didn’t see anyone else doing so either. What I do see, is you getting all upset over nothing.

    • joliepittfanatic

      Jah- She isn’t getting uspet over nothing. A few people DID complain that Zee and Shi should have been wearing tights under their pants, and that they should have had mittens on. Those comments very easily COULD have been meant very innocently, but unfourtnately it can be very hard to tell with comments on the J-Ps, since they are one of the most picked apart celeb families (if not THE most picked apart celeb family) out there!

      As for the tabs….Lin never told us to stop reading the tab crap. She just said that SHE never buys Star “Magazine” (that’s in quotes because I don’t think they deserve to be called a magazine).

      Lin- I couldn’t agree more! The tights comment really had me scratching my head. I mean, I’m from a place with cold winters as well, and I have never known anyone who wears tights under their pants in winter. Long underwear yes, but tights no. I’m going to give the person who posted that the benefit of the doubt, though. English may not be her first language, and she may have meant long underwear but didn’t know the term in English and tights was the closest one she could think of.

    • joliepittfanatic

      Oh, and as far as the tabs go, Lin….I strongly recommened that you ignore them completely. In otherwords, don’t even look at them. I try my best not to look at the tab covers when I’m in stores now. I especially avoid looking at Star, since they seem to want to make a career out of trying to break Angie and Brad up (so do a lot of the other tabs, but Star is definently the worst, IMO).

      I will very occasionally glance at OK’s and US’s covers, as they don’t seem to be quite as bad as the other tabs.

    • Jah

      joliepittfanatic, where on this site do you see someone complaining about these kids clothing? And actually Lin also said “stop paying attention to the gossip rags.” To turn around and post what they are printing after a comment like that is indeed a contradiction.

      No offense but getting upset over a comment like that is a little bizarre. And why even pay attention to tabloid trash? Why talk about it? Why come in here and post it? People bash this family constantly. And they are going to continue to do so until the end of time. It’s out of jealousy and stupidity. And to continue to spread it through friendly sites is technically no better than actually starting the rumor, in many ways its worse, it just keeps the hurtful shit alive. If someone is getting ticked off at something as small as the children needing to be warmer, I can’t imagine what they feel on the actual comments that are rude. Must be upset 24/7. And thats sad to me. Brad and Angelina do not care what people think about them. They don’t sit on the internet reading through blog comments and they definitely aren’t getting their undies in a bunch because someone thought their children should have had thermals on. It just baffles me as to why people get so ticked off when people leave the smallest comments, especially when they are just out of concern.

    • joliepittfanatic

      Jah- Well, if you want to be techincal, it was about what the kids WEREN’T wearing (i.e., gloves/mittens and tights under there clothes), rather than what they WERE wearing. Although maybe you didn’t see those comments as complaints, which is fine. I think at this point we need to agree to disagree. :)

    • joliepittfanatic

      I also meant to add that, while I can’t speak for Lin, the reason I got a bit upset by the comments about the kids not being dressed warmly enough is because, given the intense scrunity this family is under, it’s hard for me to tell if comments like that are just genuine concern, or if they’re bashing Angie and Brad’s parenting skills.

    • Jah

      I’ve argued over this long enough. Moving on. (:

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