Charlie Sheen spends Christmas in jail – thanks, Santa!

charlie-sheenThere’s some kind of delicious poetic justice in the fact that Charlie Sheen spent Christmas Day in jail after getting into a huge fight with wife, wait, DRUNK wife, Brooke Mueller, who apparently made the 911 call. Drunk dialing, baby!

Oh, you know that this was bound to happen like any minute, I’m surprised it took this long. She’s got a restraining order against him now, and I’m sure that divorce is coming any minute.

Seriously, why do women keep falling for this asshat? I bet that Denise Richards laughed so hard at this whole debacle she pissed herself-twice. I guess Brooke is starting to figure out that Charlie is unfixable! Mission accomplished for her though, married with 2 kids… income $50k/moth child support (for 18 yrs) & $20k/month alimony for 3 years. CHA-CHING! Okay, I’m seeing why women fall for him now. :>)

image Bauer-Griffin

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