TBL star Corbin Bleu shares his “beautiful change for 2010″

Corbin Bleu (High School Musical) who starred along with Mischa Barton, Sara Paxton and others in the short-lived CW show The Beautiful Life is now sharing his “beautiful change for 2010″ with YouTube viewers.

Though The Beautiful Life was canceled by The CW in September, TBL executive producer Ashton Kutcher with help from corporate sponsorship from HP: Create Change has brought all of the episodes that were made to YouTube.

Kutcher asked the stars to share their “beautiful change for 2010″ in making the world a better place. Click her to see Mischa’s and Sara’s plans for the new year.

Bleu expressed a desire to work with others and work on his personal goals. Working with others, Bleu is a spokesperson for Starlight Foundation which helps families of sick children and he wants to do more with the organization.

On a personal level, Bleu said he will be making his broadway debut.

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