Interview with Candace Cameron Bure from ABC Family’s “Make It or Break It” – Part 2

INFphoto_1141808 Candace Cameron Bure plays Summer Van Horne in the hit ABC Family series “Make It or Break It”. The show premieres on January 4th at 8 PM EST. You can check everything you ever wanted about the show on their official website.

I posted Part 1 of the interview with Cameron and have Part 2 available for you today.

Q: I wanted to ask you about what you said earlier in the interview.  You said that you hold a high standard to choosing roles.  Does it ever feel like you might be limited as an actress by doing this or is it not something you think about?

Cameron: I definitely am limited, absolutely, but that’s okay.  I’m the one that’s limiting myself and I’m limiting myself by choice.  I want to do things that either will have a message at the end of the day, a good moral message, or things that will encourage people or families in a positive direction. 

Not that everything is going to be perfect or everything’s happy; there are always struggles and conflict in television or movies and participating in those are great.  I don’t have to do everything that holds the exact same viewpoint that I have, but at the end of the day, for me, I want it to have a positive reflection or redemption at the end of it, something learned from the situation.  Yes, I’m limited, but that’s completely fine with me. 

Q: Were you involved with gymnastics when you were young?

Cameron: I took gymnastics as a kid when I was probably four or five years old, maybe for a year and that was about it.  My dad was a gymnast through high school, though, so I’ve always enjoyed the sport.  It’s my favorite sport during the Summer Olympics; it always has been.  Let’s just say I can’t really do the splits or anything; I’m not that flexible.  I guess I wasn’t too good at it.


Q: You mentioned that being a mom of three gets you disheveled.  Does that help you play the scenes with Lauren, being a mother yourself?

Cameron: I think being a mom and having the maturity and patience with children, that I can definitely draw on that when Lauren gives me those zingers of comments and lines.  You have to take it all in stride and certainly I can feed off of that from being a mom.

Q: You mentioned the Olympics.  I wanted to know, with the Winter Olympics coming up in Vancouver, when hockey starts, does that cause a split in your house? Do you root for the U.S. and [your husband] Valeri roots for Russia or how does that work?

Cameron: I’m an American and will root for everything American except when it comes to hockey.  I’m not a traitor, but my husband did play in two Olympic games and of course I was rooting for Russia when he played in those games.  I have a silver and a bronze medal sitting in my home that he took home.  I’m incredibly proud of him and those medals.  Even though he’s not playing in the Olympics again, my heart’s going to be with Russia because that’s his team and he won those medals with Russia.  It’s the only team in the winter sports, hockey, when my heart goes with Russia. 

Q: Has your life been different than you imagined it would be?

Cameron: That’s a big question.  I honestly didn’t have huge dreams or goals for myself as a child.  I wasn’t one of those kids that said, “I want to be an actress one day,” or “I want to be a doctor,” or the president or a nurse.  I am a go-with-the-flow type of person.  I live life every day and see where God takes me and try to be used in whatever place I’m in. 

I’m certainly thrilled with my life and what’s become of it and feel incredibly blessed with the family that I have.  I love being back at work.  If you ask me what kind of life I would want, it’s exactly the one that I’m living.  I’m incredibly grateful and thankful for it and excited to see what the future will hold.

Q: How come DJ got all the hot boyfriends [on Full House] and Kimmy got stuck with the offbeat boyfriends?

Cameron: She knows she had the best boyfriend, that Duane, that said, “Whatever.”  She had the best boyfriend on the show.  He was just hysterical!

Q: You were very successful as a child actress and have grown up to be a successful person.  How did you escape the childhood curse and what would you suggest for those people out there now that are actors and actresses to help them avoid the curse?

Cameron: I had a very grounded, supportive family that was holding my hand through every day of this business, which is what I attribute to the reason why I came out the way I did and avoided the curse, as you call it.  I think it has everything to do with the people that are around you.  Faith and my family has always been the focus and that’s what my parents instilled in me. 

As for advice for the kids, it’s not so much for the kids, but for their parents or their support systems that are around.  I’d like to tell them to be strong and be selfless in the sense that someone’s well being and safety comes first than getting the next big-paying job or to be in the spotlight and sacrificing part of yourself just to become more of a celebrity. 

Like I said, I’ve always attributed it to my faith and my family.  I think having stepped out of the business for a while and coming back into it I have another fresh perspective.  You kind of just see it for what it is, which is that it’s a job.  There’s celebrity that comes with it, but you’ve got to not pay attention to that part in the sense of thinking that it’s reality.  We’re all human beings and we’re all equally valuable and should be treated that way. 

Check back for Part 3!

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