Britney Spears still under power of conservatorship

Despite Britney Spears making a legal appeal to be in charge of her own affairs, TMZ has reported that a judge has extended the conservatorship held over her by her father Jamie Spears.

No official time frame has been laid out but it may be extended for another six months to a year as far as lawyers can speculate. Despite the length of time, TMZ also reports that the work required to dissolve part of the conservatorship may start as soon as next month with the next hearing being set for January 14th.

In the meantime Jamie will continue to be paid $16K per month in exchange for maintaining control over his daughter’s professional affairs.

I’m sure Britney must be a little disappointed but I hope she remembers how vital all of this was to practically saving her life back when she wasn’t doing well at all. Freedom is on the horizon, she just needs to hang in there a little bit longer.

Image: Splash News Online

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