What Are You Looking Forward to Most in 2010 For Hilary?

Can you guys believe that 2010 is already almost here?! Hopefully, it’ll be a great year for us and for Hilary Duff. I wanna know: what are you looking forward to most, or hoping will happen for Hilary in the new year?

Personally, I want to see some more music as well as seeing her relationship with Mike Comrie continues to thrive. You guys can vote in the poll below and/or suggest something in the comments section. I’m sure you’re hoping for several things to come true for Hilary in 2010, so choose as many answers in the poll below as you want:

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    • emily

      seeing hilary in “bonnie & clyde” =]

    • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Miguel-Karam/96347492904 Miguel Karam

      Wow… So many people want to see Hilary and Mike breaking up… (I’m one of them lol sorry :T)

    • hil

      Ending her relationship with mike and dating someone in the business again.

    • emily

      why would u want hil and mike to break up? i think they r soo cute together =]

    • Branly

      who da hell would ant hilary to break up with Mike, i mean there so perfect together. If u would want that ,ur not a true fan

    • hil

      I hate all that stuff “if you dont like mike you’re not a fan of Hilarys’.”

      Just because he isnt good for her, I’m not a Hilary fan? They are two different people.

      I bet there are fans of mike and hockey who dont like Hilary.

    • tom

      Agree with hil. Hilary needs a boyfriend more famous and sucessful.
      If not she will still falling

    • Zamir

      i think hilary and mike are cute,
      and a good couple. i think if she wants more
      media attention, a high profile bf would be good.
      but i still love them together! best of luck!

      i’m excited to see hilary as bonnie barrow.
      hope she gets a lot of well deserved positive attention.
      this could lead to a lot of public appearances to promote
      and if the movie does well, she’ll get more movie role offers.

      it’s a win win thing.
      best of luck in 2010 hilary!


    • Zamir

      *bonnie parker

    • hil

      I know Tom. A fellow actor can and could take her career very far. she could do the same with his. More and better opportunities. It has nothing to do with media attention. Stll have a sucessful career and keep a low profile.

      That wont happen when dating an athlete who hardly plays.

    • http://hilarynews.com nejmin

      hilary is the best.. it doesn’t matter whom is she datin’ with

    • John

      Merry Christmas Hilary,
      You have been a total joy watching you succeed at so many new projects this year. Your talent keeps growing and maturing, even the critics reviewing Greta took notice of you, and had some wonderful things to say about you. Keep exploring and expanding your God given gifts. You are a very special treasure!!!!

      PS Dump the doucheBag, Mike!

    • Mohammed

      If Mike makes Hilary Happy I hope they will be 2gether
      she dosen’t need a sucessful guy she needs
      a guy makes her happy
      and if mike could make her happy I wish they will be 2gether this year
      Love Hilary Duff

    • matt

      i’m so excited about hilary’s new music, perhaps she will have #1 hits!!!! about hilary’s boyfriend the only thing that matters is that she is happy!!

    • William

      Go Hiilary! 2010 will b her year! i can feel it!

      with her new record label and break off from hollywood records, she can write all the stuff she really wants to!!!! WOOO! =)

      hopefully she works with ryan tedder again, holiday is such an amazing song! and shes done so well with dance tracks, maybe she can write one or two with RedOne =)!

      Definitly an album im waiting for!!!

    • tom

      i don´t see a new record in 2010. Hil hasn´t a record label yet

    • Jackie

      I’m looking forward to new music and new tv guest appearances the most.
      Not expecting to get a whole new album out next year,but it would be nice to hear some new songs.
      Though Hilary will probably more busy with her new NBC show and filming new projects.

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    • femme