David Archuleta performs on “Regis and Kelly” holiday episode

Today, December 22nd, David Archuleta performed on Live With Regis & Kelly for their special holiday-themed episode.

Instead of doing a well-known Christmas jingle, David got personal and decided to sing a special song that he wrote about what Christmas has meant through his life, called Melodies of Christmas.

His parents must have been so happy to hear him put their family traditions into a song like that! Regis is on hiatus post-surgery so Kelly Ripa’s husband Mark Consuelos guest hosted and put David on the spot by asking him about the best Christmas gift he ever got. When David paused Mark suggested he could also tell us about the worst gift he ever received. David dodged both bullets with tact and charm by saying he doesn’t really recall those details because he just remembers the time he spends with his family.

Now that is a boy who make any Mama proud!

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