Ugly Betty Episode 4.10 (And Beyond) Promo

Ugly Betty is moving to Wednesdays starting January 6.  Here is the promo for Betty’s return.


This is mostly for episode 4.10, The Passion of the Betty, but, I think part of it is from episode 4.11, Back in her place. (I’ll be posting the synopses for these two very soon – stay tuned).

Of course, the part of this promo that stands out the most is the little snippet at about :12 when Amanda holds up a poster of an “improved” Betty’s chest to her (with what appear to be 50 DD’s in a low-cut shirt, complete with “B” necklace).

This, I think, is from episode 3.11.  One of the plot lines in that one is “Wilhemina tortures Betty with beauty experiments for future stories”.

What I want to know is, did Salma Hayek pose for that poster?  :)

The other distinguishable part of the promo is where Matt romantically dips Betty, but unfortunately does it into the open elevator, and of course the doors close on her head. I think that has to be a dream sequence.  Certainly Matt is not that clueless, right?

Here’s a teaser about the upcoming synopses:  the one for 3.10 has me confused, because it includes a scene we’ve already seen, and 3.11 has the chance to be a best-of-season episode.

Stay tuned for that.

BTW, Betty’s ratings luck still stinks.  Fox has announced that it is moving American Idol to 9pm on Wednesdays, presumably to do the most damage to good-performing competitors. This would include Modern Family and Cougar Town.  (The producers of The Middle have GOT to be thanking their lucky stars right now).

Certainly Cougar Town will take a hit from Idol, and that will lessen it’s lead-in effect for Ugly Betty.  But then again, had they moved Betty to Tuesdays at 8, as some of us wanted, she would be going head-to-head with Idol, so I guess you could say that UB dodged a bullet.

We’ll just have to see when the ratings come out on January 28 (the day after the first 9pm Idol).  Betty has a couple of weeks to get its audience built up.

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    • Anna
    • Shaz10

      I’m glad Daniel will soon figure out that Marc can’t be trusted.I can’t wait for that.I don’t know why he ever thought that hiring his arch nemesis’s former assistant would ever work.Btw Tom i don’t know if you have seen Chris William’s drag character preview picture but it is so funny,make up department have done a great job.

    • Willie.Roxs

      Tom i agree about being confused about episode 10, becasue i thought we already saw that too!! And episode 11 i think i will love love love according to the synopsis it looks really good cant wait!!!!

    • jenny

      Am I the only one who doesn’t like this promo? I think they could do so much better. They need some other promos to promote the move. Has anyone paid attention to how much the they are advertising the new night? I haven’t really been watching ABC as of late, so I want to know if they are advertising a good amount. When it was Friday they barely advertised the promos. If they are going to move the show, then ABC needs to do it right! Ugly Betty deserves that much.

    • kelly

      I agree w/u guys…maybe they put that in there by accident. I think Daniel’s going to dig a hole for himself again after having Marc ads his assistant…what was he thinking? I thought they were going to start the story arc about Claire finding Tyler the consequences of that,but it looks like he’s not going to appear in the next few episodes. I’m wondering if he’s the obstacle that is going to come between
      Matt & Betty..Remember that casting call that they were looking for a Seth Rogen type—loveable & blue-collarish. Altho he’s cuter than Seth Rogen. I’m thinking maybe Betty will befriend him after Matt leaves. By what Ausiello reported that Matt was leaving at the beginning of the year, but he also added that “beyond that my lips are sealed.” I’m thinking maybe he will leave for a few episodes & return. And I think what would make it more of a sticky situation is that Matt finds out that he & Tyler are half-brothers along with Daniel being Tyler’s half-brother too. Wouldn’t u think that if Daniel Eric Gold was only going to be on for part of the season, why promote him to a series regular rather just staying on as a reoccuring character.. What do u guys think??

    • Mysterwright

      Well that’s funny you say, Kel because that’s what I thought about Freddy Rodriguez in season 2 and 3. Its like, why would you have pics of him with the cast if he’s not a regular?

      In general however I’m just glad ABC has finally done its research and realized how powerful comedy can be on Wednesdays. That was home of Perfect Strangers and Head of the Class before Doogie Howser M.D. when most of this cast were in middle school or high school. Curious to ask myself is… why would American Idol target UB’s lead-in programs if they do not feel somehow threatened? Does Simon Cowell think himself a Connor Owens-type or something? Cal Hartley? If The One lost ratings on its own in 2006 fair and square then wouldn’t it’d be sorta chicken$#!+ to send for reinforcements? Many moons ago Arnold from Happy Days told Archie-San that seeking revenge only leads to an early grave. ;)

    • Mysterwright
    • Shaz10

      I think that we should start our own campaign to bring the fans back to Ugly Betty.People more creative than myself could do You tube videos etc and we could post them around different sites and get interest up again.Also it is upto us to spread the word to our friends.I have recently managed to get two friends who gave up watching in season 3 to start watching again and they are enjoying season 4.So spread the word everyone and help make sure that ratings go up in January.Season 5 depends on it.

    • Avneet

      FOX doesn’t exactly have a 10:00PM slot so Ugly Betty CAN get some luck from Idol viewers who tune to different channels.

    • Shaz10

      started a facebook group to help spread the word

    • SirLizard

      Shaz10, is that facebook page really “official”? I think you have to be careful when using that word. It implies that you are associated with either ABC and/or the producers of the series. If anyone can put that word on a website, then it dilutes the word’s meaning. I’m only saying this to make what I feel is an important point, so please don’t take it the wrong way. If your page is indeed official, then I think that’s great, and you should certainly make that official status known, but if not, then I think the word should be removed.

    • SirLizard

      I know that in the January 6 episode, Betty arranges for a gallery showing of Matt’s art, so perhaps that is what will lead up to his departure. Maybe his paintings will be a huge success, so he’ll leave publishing to concentrate on his art. I’ll be sad to see him go, but I am thrilled that Christine Ebersole will be portraying the owner of the gallery. The multiple times that I saw her on Broadway (and Off-Broadway) in “Grey Gardens” were the most exciting and moving performances I’ve ever seen on stage. I would have gone up to New York to see her and Mary Louise Wilson at least once a month if I could have.

    • Shaz10

      Pretty interesting they are bringing Kirsten Johnson back

    • Shaz10

      Cool.I’ll move it then.Thanks for the i don’t think any one else has started another campaign of any

    • Shaz10

      Tried to remove it SirLizard but can’t realy see how to edit the title now.Anyway just put a disclaimer on the front page .I don’t think anyone is going to come after me for that.lmao.

    • SirLizard

      Shaz10, it’s probably not a big deal. I just wanted to let you know, simply because I know that it isn’t really clear to most people that there is generally supposed to be a distinction between “official” sites and “unofficial” sites. And I know what you’re saying about the difficulty of changing a name on Facebook… I tried to change my first name from Antonio (my “official” first name ;-) to Tony (what everyone calls me), but they really make you jump through hoops. Even after you submit a request, they tell you that they have to review the request and approve it. They make it a bigger deal than it should be, but I guess they have their reasons.

    • SirLizard

      Shaz10, I didn’t see Kristen Johnston in the promo. Did you read somewhere that they’re bringing her back?

    • Mysterwright

      Good going, Shaz! That’s the spirit! I was thinking maybe there should be a campaign to bring back Gio on Ugly Betty. You guys would not BELIEVE how many people drool over him and give thumbs up about comments regarding him on Youtube. With that kind of cult following fanbase its like he could have his own show or something basically!