All My Children : The Aidan Transformation Mystery

So today, December 17th, Thursday, Kendall sort of confirmed my suspicion as to why Aidan Turner suddenly became a scum of the earth. The always straight Agent with a sexy English accent had a total personality makeover. Who should we blame for this? Well, Pratt Jr. of course. Good riddance if you ask me. But I digress.


After an unsuccessful begging moment again, Kendall was left to beg one more time to be released. This time it’s with Kat. Aidan’s helper on this whole kidnap-Kendall-make-her-fall-in-love-with-Aidan mission. Kat kept telling to Kendall to shut up. She also kept saying it wasn’t supposed to be that way. Like Kat is hiding something. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow who Kat is really working for.

Kendall kept insisting that Aidan was never this way, and Kat knows that. Kendall said that he started acting weird when Greenlee died. Hallelujah. Perhaps a way out to fix this whole darn mess. I just don’t believe that Aida is really that head over heels in love with Kendall and that he expects her to fall in love with him too. Aidan knows the depths of love that Kendall feels for Zach and vise-versa.

So now that Kendall has mentioned Greenlee, and Zach is on his way to rescue his damsel in distress, maybe we’ll finally find out what happened to Aidan Devane. What made him burst that he started acting like this.

Do you think they’ll turn his character back to the old Aidan or will someone, perhaps Zach, just shoot him, he’ll die and then everyone moves to Los Angeles? Heh!

(Image : Bauer-Griffin)

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