Frances Bean takes out restraining order against her mother Courtney Love

Kurt Cobain must be spinning in his grave right about now. His daughter Frances Bean had to take out a restraining order against her crazy mother Courtney Love.

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Now, not only has Courtney lost all legal control and guardianship over her daughter, she’s also legally obligated to stay away from her for an unlimited duration of time. Frances has asked to live with her grandmother while this whole mess is being straightened out.

Courtney displayed her stellar parenting skills by writing this little diatribe on her Facebook page (she quickly deleted it):

“[Frances] thinks she has all this money, [but] the point is I have all the money she has … I don’t care really, I hate to sound cold, but any kid of mine who pulls this sh– has lost her position,” Love reportedly wrote. “The good news is now that Frances is clearly deluded that she [thinks she] can buy her grandmother a ‘small house in L.A.’ I’d love to see how that works. They’ll incubate her until she’s 18 and then have her sign all the indemnifications.”

Ooh, great way to show us some superior parenting mojo, Court! I wonder why Frances wants to live with her grandma…hmmm…could it be that you’re NUTS?!?!?

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