Twilight’s Ashley Greene talks about her new projects

Geez, it’s hard to recognize Alice without the spiky hair, don’t you think?

The Twilight Saga: New Moon New York Screening

Twilight’s Ashley Greene is pretty much slammed for new projects since the success of the vampire series; in fact, she’s got a movie going to the Sundance Festival and she’s landed a lead role in a Joel Silver film. Here’s what she had to say about her success:

“To be the lead in my own box-office film is just another step,” Greene says. “A couple of days before, I probably won’t be able to sleep, but I’m not even nervous about it now. … I’m just like one of those giddy girls who wants to make sure everything is perfect for the first day of school. I’ve already planned a week (before filming begins in Berlin) to turn off my cellphone and just focus.”

“New Moon” is still going strong at the box office with no signs of stopping – how many of you have seen it more than once? Twice? THREE times?!?!?

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