Kim Zolciak and Nene Leakes Could Be Off Of “Real Housewives of Atlanta”

Those fake weaves on the ladies’ heads are getting mighty big. It seems like every single pre-Real Housewives season, the women want more and more money. This time around, it’s Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Nene Leakes and Kim Zolciak, who are now rumored to be demanding so much money for the third season of the show that the producers are starting to seriously look into replacing them both.

New York Daily News reports that Bravo will do anything to keep Kandi Burruss and Sheree Whitfield; contrary to what was reported on Media Take Out a few weeks ago, that Sheree was the one on the chopping block. Apparently, creating a catch phrase (Who’s gonna check me, boo?) and She By Sheree are considered significant enough to keep Sheree in the lineup. As for Kandi, Daily News’ “Kandi was a fan favorite last season. Her audience approval ratings were through the roof.”

Lisa Wu Hartwell wasn’t mentioned at all in the piece, but there’s no way Lisa would leave the show on her own. What do you think, Nene and Kim are arguably the most popular stars on the series, but can the show go on without them?

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    • anne

      i dont know why kim & nene think they should play russian roulette w/ bravo, esp. nene, since her husband has had money problems & her adult son has no job nor schooling. kim has money from her ex, but to continue her fame, she needs to not upset the execs into kicking her off the show. bravo can easily find two more celebrity-seeking nuts real quick.

      just about everybody likes kandi, so that’s why just about everybody thinks she shouldnt be on a show w/ these crazies. she’s much too likeable, nice, smart, & image savvy. she knows how to handle herself gracefully w/ inner strength & confidence. she has a stable money-making career based on talent, skills, hard work, & experience. she already has the fame & money to support her lifestyle. instead of the usual snickering & evil grimaces seen on the show, kandi’s usually smiling & upbeat. she’s the only one with whom fans arent annoyed.

      sheree, w/ her she-by-sheree line aka part-time hobby, is like a worn-out joke. the seamstress had to do a lot of guessing based on very amateurish & overly-simple drawings by sheree. as dwight said, some of the designs were just way too plain & common.

      then dwight did all the production & fashion assembly for the viewing. sheree, instead, went to get her hair done as the show was about to start. what the heck? then she phrased it as if she did dwight a favor by allowing him to work for her. what? it would have been funny to see sheree try to do the show prep all by her lonesome.

      the reason ny daily news didnt mention lisa is probably bec. she seems as if she’s going to try to stay on the show no matter what anyways. nearly every episode, we see her husband still trying to get a career in one thing or another. they had to move & downsize. lisa had to start rethinking her personal spending habits. also, with her history of simultaneously starting multiple businesses (none of which seem to have been long-term/permanent & stable income generators), she needs the bravo paychecks & the tv exposure to publicize her constantly changing business adventures.

    • mzchristine

      The show went on when Brenda left 90210 and it will go on in this case.

    • geri

      As far as I’m concerned, Kim should be replaced. She’s trashy and the way she dresses and behaves in front of her girls is terrible. Besides the name of the show is “Real Housewives of Atlanta”, she is not a housewife, she is a mistress. Nene on the other hand is funny and has a lot of personality. I don’t know if she should get more money but, she is worth watching on the show. Sheree is definitely stuck on herself and not that entertaining. Lisa and Kandi seem to be real down to earth people. They add to the show and make it bearable to watch. Kim should be taken off the show.

    • @37000feet

      @mzchristine No doubt! So true. The show will go on.

    • CourtneyRN

      If anybody should go, it’s Lisa and Sheree, but not Kim & NeNe.

    • Cindy lynn

      It’s just my opinion but the two of them make for all the drama on the show. In fact the show is over and you see it is still going on. Bravo makes bookoo money on these women going on the housewives shows and make fools of themselves. I think yes they should get paid and paid well. The fact that they will not get checks from Bravo for all the years these shows will run well after these women are no longer in front of the camera, they deserve extra money. Now with saying all that I think these women are crazy and no amount of money on theis earth would get me to make such a fool of myself on TV. As for the others ladies I like Kandi but Sheman and Leasta can go. I think they both are 100% fake. I do not think for one minute Lisa’s marriage is that good. Sheree is just a big oh mess. I would not watch the show without Kim. I hate her ways but she is pure intertainment. She is just having a big oh girl time. Nene needs to take it down several natches. She has totally lost it. But once again her making a fool of herself and telling all those big fat lies are fun to watch. hehehehehehehhe lol :D

    • @37000feet

      I didn’t want to go there but I had a few glasses of wine so I will. We need some Spell Check up in here. I feel better. Carry on.

    • kari

      Nene was my fave housewife of all time until this season when she became arrogant. She can go and take kims wannabe self with her. They can take lisa too but ed can stay :)

    • Perceptive Pat

      Now now, we know what kind of world we live in…”Contentious & drama-filled,” unfortunately.

      * Bravo knows full-well that NeNe & Kim’s “silly-discord” sells the show. Bravo is straight bluffin’; they can’t be that miserly? All the millions that those ladies made for their brand?? How ungrateful of Bravo execs. They don’t have to meet them at “their reque$t”–but they can meet them somewhere in the middle–it’s called negotiation.

      I, personally, only watch their’s–the AtL. I don’t watch the other states/regions…couldn’t tell you who’s who? Don’t care. Don’t much care about NeNe or Kim (although, I do feel Kim got a bum-deal with how they treated her. Either Kim is a serious Masochist or she just needs to be Seen, publicly, more than she needs to be respected, publicly.) either, per se, but I do feel those two, and the rest of the other girls, too, deserve a rai$e. Hell, with all “the mania” they produced for ratings or for god-knows-what–they’ve earned it!

      Lisa is boring…pretty, but boring…and sneaky too. She enjoys the drama–undercover sh*t-starter. She’s talentless, and she knows it–that’s why she tries so hard to convince us otherwise. (Are they sure she’s an Aquarius?) I ain’t buying what she’s selling. Wonder how Evelyn Lanbert really feels about her??
      ‘Ever notice how she gives that strange smirk on the side of her mouth?? Look at the episode where Lisa talks to Kandi at Kandi’s house…it’s there–the smirk. It’s involuntary too, like she can’t help it. Wonder what a professor would say about “that smirk” in Psyche 101? She needs to soul-search…

      Sheree is a narcissist, nut-case. Stiff & Stuffy… can she dance? She’s not much different than NeNe or Lisa; with regards to spirit. It’s even scarier than the others–cause she works so hard to mask it. That Ego is huge!…the way she treated Dwight…smh..So ungrateful! She’s a Capricorn, very ambitious! That billy goat will continue to climb that mountain, no matter who they step on to do so. Ever heard her ex, Bob’s description of her? It’s here on the net–look it up… And he knows her better than any of us. Oh, please recount her “fake tears” while in that bakery talking to Kandi–an old episode–please look it up.

      NeNe: She got “Abandonment Issues,” this is the true source of her pain. Is she a Virgo, Gemini, or Aries?

      Kim: Needs to pick better company to be around and cease entertaining fruitless-connections. You’re born on Malcolm’s day–you’re better than this.

      Kandi is a class-act! Heard someone describe her as “A butterfly amongst gnats.” A true Taurean.

      Investigate the history of other successful shows–there’s typically an increase in pay to all the players involved with each growing season.

      Bravo, pay the girls! They deserve it!

    • http://BravoFan kc

      NeNe may have gotten a little more sure of herself but that’s the price of fame so whatever! She is good TV. Come on now we all watch these shows because of the over the top humor and craziness. They are not TV stars this is reality. If you can’t take it don’t watch it. If we start looking at these shows as movies where is the reality? I love NeNe and Kim. If you want to see a Movie then rent one or watch HBO.

      Not once did reality mean we would see happily ever after or a white picket fence. If there is a Camera on you everyday what would we see. I love the off kilt Humor NeNe and Kim bring to the show. The up and down friendship and Drama only add to the entertainment. All of the ladies add their own key part to that crazy circle of drama. Bravo would be crazy to get rid of either of them..Anywaze Bravo if you read this please take it to heart. If they made the show what it is, they can break the show if you get rid of them.. Holla!

    • Jae

      As much as I cant stand Kim, she is entertaining, just in a bad way, never-the-less……but if she goes then Kandi and Sheree have to go, after all it is the Housewives. I love the entertaining comments as much as I like the show…keep’em coming people.

    • stoney

      As long as Kim never sings again, she should be allowed to come back. If she sings, that would be cruel & unusual punishment to the audience!

    • Sheryl

      I would actually be more likely to watch the show without the two of them on it. Especially without Nene…her extreme attempts at creating negative energy (or the producers, I can’t figure out which one) makes the show a real downer and kind of sad to watch.

      I watch the other RH franchises, but the Atlanta installment’s Nene, in particularly, is just too mentally draining and over the top. I watch the show for escapism and to have fun…not to hear angry confrontation after angry confrontation. I can take the NY subway for that.

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